Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Moving Objects

This past weekend we attended one of our Grandson's soccer games. Have you ever tried to take a picture of 6 year olds running around a field kicking a ball - not the best idea really. The picture is never what you think it will be when you snap the shot - as you can see. And also, who knew those cute little sneakers or maybe they are cleats, well who knew they could come untied so much.

And as a proud Grandma I must add that the mighty Cheetahs did win their game - although I think they were much more excited about the snack afterwards. And if it had been chocolate, I might have joined in their excitement.
Today, our little Maddie's cousin Gracie came over for a visit. Gracie is a Golden Retriever who isn't a year old yet, but is fully grown for the most part, and a beautiful dog. Gracie weighs in the upper 60's while Maddie weighs in a 8.2 pounds - just a little bit of a difference.
However size isn't an issue at all, they had a great time playing, chasing, running, and checking things out.
And licking up irrigation puddles on the deck. What do you need a doggie bowl of water for when you can drink dirty water - right!!

And this looks like they're doing the international cheek kiss - oh hello dahling, how are we today, spot of tea..........

And lets not forget the ever popular "sniffing of the hind quarters", no matter what size you are, this is very important. How else do you know what someone is eating, how many treats they get and other important canine facts.

A fun after noon was had by all. Gracie went home to take a nap, while Madison came into the house and is now laying down by my chair, out cold. And I have learned that it's not as easy as it seems to take pictures of fast moving objects - whether it's 6 year old boys or 2 pups on a play date.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Restless Legs and Retirement

Anybody suffer from restless legs syndrome. If you do I sympathize with you because I do. That would be the reason I'm posting quilt pictures to my blog while my cats, dog and hubby snore on. Seems that it's gotten worse and I may just need to talk to my doctor as my requip isn't always doing the trick. Tonight my dear friend Margie retired. We all gathered at Tony Romas and had a wonderful time, she was really surprised and genuinely happy to be surrounded by mostly friends (some management types that she probably could have done without) and family. In honor of her retirement, I made her a lap quilt so she could take some lovely winter naps and relax an afternoon here and there away. Here are some pictures of her quilt:

Another wonderful friend of mine, Cathy and her hubby Bob were there also. They got married in early August and as a wedding gift to them I made a quilt. It turned out pretty good if I do say so myself and fits my Calif. King bed, so I'm sure it will be really lovely on their queen size bed. I haven't let her see any pictures of it or what the fabric was and the look on her face told me that she loved it and will treasure it. Here is a picture of that quilt laid out on my bed. The backing is a nice off white flannel which will be great this winter. This is the biggest quilt I've made to date and I must confess I loved it so much it was hard to give it away. But there was love put into every stitch for a wonderful couple that I wish many years of great happiness to. This year I will have a beautiful quilt on my bed as well and as soon as I complete the little doggie quilt for Madison, I intend to get started. The last picture is of the pillowcase type bags I made for each quilt. I put sheer ribbon on the end to tie it closed and thought it would be a nice way to store the quilt when not in use and much prettier than a paper gift bag:
And P.S. to Bubbalicious - if you're reading this, I haven't forgotten you my dear friend and Ho Sister, a lap quilt is in the works for you in 2009.

Chewing Puppy

I decided to take some new pictures of Madison yesterday. She is approx. 3.5 months old and chewing everything in site - toes, my toes, are her favorite thing. Sometimes I wonder if we should have named her Chewie.
The trick is to keep her focused on her toys and not the furniture. I keep hoping those pesky puppy teeth will start falling out and adult teeth that hopefully don't require so much chewing will come in. She is also going through a "I can't hear you" phase, if she was a boy I'd say she was practicing her selective hearing skills. We don't have a fenced yard, so now that she doesn't want to listen and wants to exert her independence more she's going outside on a leash - oh, we don't like that at all. But strangely enough the urge to do our "job" is strong enough that leash or not she's doing what she needs to. She's got a bit of a stubborn streak and would like nothing more than to be top dog and do what she wants, but so far, cute or not, Mom and Dad haven't allowed it. She really wants to play with the big fat cats, unfortunately that means jumping on them. They are not amused by this and while they are being very patient with her now, I'm pretty sure a sharp claw on the nose will be used to put her in her place eventually. For now, she's just so cute that none of us can stay mad at her for long.............

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fabric Shopping in Portland

We awoke this morning to the temps in the low 30's - burrrrrrrrr. My cats are looking for any sunshine they can find - it almost looks like Chance Man is sticking his tongue out at me for disturbing him. CR and I got up early and met our friend Ken for breakfast. Then we went grocery shopping. Wow, I was so tired from the Portland trip yesterday, Maddie (my puppy) and I had to take a nap. Tired or not, the trip to Portland, Oregon was wonderful. My good friend and fellow quilter Julie and I headed out of town at 5:30am, stopping at Mama Jane's in The Dalles for eggs benedict and a caffeine stop. After breakfast we drove the rest of the way to Portland. First stop was Fabric Depot - the quilters fabric mecca. One HUGE store with fabric, fabric, fabric - well and garment fabric and home decor fabric and knitting and lots of crafting things. Once a month or so they have 35% off their fabric and 25% off of every thing else and Oregon doesn't have a sales tax, so you can imagine the allure of this sale. I was looking for doggie fabric to make my new little puppy - who is also my birthday present, a quilt. This is what I found. The red and the green dot will make up the front and the solid green fabric is flannel and will make up the back. I think Maddie will enjoy napping on this. After Fabric Depot, it was on to West Linn a suburb of Portland and where one of my all time favorite quilt shops resides. Holly Hill Quilt Shoppe. They carry full lines of fabrics and they carry some of the most beautiful lines I've ever seen. I can't visit their shop without buying something, because I always love everything. Yesterday I found a pattern with a cute table topper and a couple of Christmas fabric lines. I liked to make some festive toppers for the table and also the coffee table - hopefully I'll have them done for Christmas this year. My friend Julie and I always take a Portland trip in honor of our birthdays - hers in June, mine in October. We split the costs and have a great time. Typically on our birthday trips, we also give each other a birthday gift and this year, my dear friend gave me some fabric spending money and the most beautiful flour sak towels that she embroidered and embellished. I love coffee, so coffee was the theme and wow, they are just beautiful, don't you think!!
On our way home, we again stopped in The Dalles and ate dinner at the Baldwin Saloon, if you've never tried it, I highly recommend you do, it was delicious. We had thought we'd check out the quilt shop there as well, but unfortunately they were closed - so another time I suppose. Guess I should finish up and post this - I've got Pumpkin bars baking and the timer is close to going off. It sure smells good in the house:)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Today we got the 5th wheel ready for winter. I say we, because CR and I decided that it's time I learn to do things he typically does around the yard, garage, etc. Since there is a 20 year difference in our age, it is probably good that I learn now rather than figuring it out when he's not with me anymore. It certainly makes you contemplate your existence, your time on earth, do you know what to do and/or how to do it without your spouse or significant other. While it was very emotional when he told me I needed to learn these things, when I settled down and really thought about it, I realized that he was giving me a huge gift that not all spouses are lucky enough to receive - the gift of knowledge and preparation. Unfortunately by winterizing the 5th wheel we won't be going on our annual trek to Cannon Beach, OR for Thanksgiving. In our 25 years together, we have only missed this trip once before when CR had his second knee replacement a few years ago. Sadly again it's medical reasons keeping us at home this year as well, but next year, watch out, we will be on the beach and having a ball as usual.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

One of THOSE Days.

Have you ever had something that just bugged the hell out of you and you tried and tried and tried and it wouldn't work. Yeah, well that was me yesterday trying to add a picture link on my blog. I'm a freaking ex-programmer and I couldn't figure this out. Well today - break through. I think after yesterday I have the answer - the stars, the moon, Karma, you name it was way out of wack for the whole family. By the end of the evening CR and I wanted to kill the dog, each other, furniture, whatever. Wow, it wasn't good, but I do believe the new day brought a new prospective or the planets realigned last night. Whatever it was, we all lived, no one turned into a werewolf and I have pictures on my blog. Oh lets just high five me, I deserve it. Now to get that lap quilt done, the top is together and let the quilting begin. I'll post a picture of it when I've got it done, it's quite nice if i do say so myself!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Leaves Falling

Fall is really here, leaves are falling, rainy days are upon us and I'm missing the sunshine. We've recently taught our little puppy to play ball in the yard and it is so much fun to watch her run/hop through the grass after the ball. Her short little legs go a mile a minute and those teeth chew a mile a minute. We seem to say the 'No' word more than we've ever said it before and sometimes it work and sometimes it doesn't. I'm busy sewing a lap quilt for a good friend who is retiring in a couple of weeks as well as hand sewing the binding on a king size quilt that I made my good friend Cathy for her wedding, it's a couple months late, but a lot of love went into it, so I know she'll forgive me. That will keep me busy this gloomy weekend ahead, it's nice to have such a fun hobby when the weather turns cold and grey out, I like to put a DVD in to listen to when I quilt and have a cup of tea or diet soda and just make it a relaxing fun day in my own world.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

End of Summer

I can't believe this is the first day of October. And probably the last 80+ degree day we'll have this year. Given how hot it gets here in the summer, you'd think the days of feeling hot and sweaty were gone, but not so, today as I was doing a bit of fall shopping at the mall and using my new hip to do some walking as my doc prescribed, I got so hot, I wanted to throw myself in an ice bath. So either that place didn't have it's air on, or I'm not out of the menopausal woods yet - if the later is the case, oy vey, dust all the fans off cuz I'm gonna need them. Well lets hope not, I'm looking forward to a winter of not having to roll the window down when it's only 30 degrees out. Stay tuned.....................