Monday, November 10, 2008

How long can a cold last

I can't believe how long it's been since I updated. I have a good excuse - a really bad chest and head cold that would not let up. Even after antibiotics, it's still hanging on and I still have a cough like a smoker who should really think about quitting. Oh well despite all of this it's been a busy couple of weeks. First, my hip doctor who did my hip replacement has released me from his care and instructed me to go forth and use my hip and build endurance. That said the very next day I started back to work at the tanning salon - just 4 hours a day, and oh man it feels so good to be able to walk up and down that long hall on those cement floors and not hurt. To be able to clean those tanning beds and get up without pain. This new hip is the bomb. This past weekend we met D&M, my husbands brother and his wife at the Baldwin Saloon in The Dalles, OR. If you've never been I can't say enough what a great place it is. I had the reuben and oy vey, it was delicious. It was a cloudy day, but a nice day none the less for a drive and of course Maddie accompanied us to meet her Aunt and Uncle. On the drive home we stopped at Celilo Park, a nice little stopping place to stretch and let Maddie walk around and sniff. It was pretty with the leaves changing and the river, I took the opportunity to take a couple of pictures.

I had my digital camera and usually even when it's not the brightest day out, I get a good shot, but this time around the pictures turned out a bit dark, but still beautiful, the Columbia River never fails to impress.
Today was Maddie's last round of puppy shots and her rabies shot. Last time we were at the vet she weighed in at 8 pounds, today we were just shy of 11 pounds. You'd never know we almost lost her to parvo she's doing so well. She's gotten most of her adult teeth in, however the chewing continues and my toes are her favorite thing to date. It's fun to see her grow into a confident dog who is sure of herself and willing to explore and take on new experiences. Here she is at Celilo Park finding just the right spot if you know what I mean.
Having never had children of my own or raised a puppy before it's all very new to me and fun to watch. I find myself taking pictures all the time because she's so cute, like this picture where her little back legs are all stretched out behind her, just chillin and chewing on something:
And then there is her one ear, over the last few weeks this ear has taken a bit of a turn - just the one ear, it's almost gives her the appearance of an raised eyebrow the way it sits and it's so darn cute. Even her vet thinks it's the most adorable thing she's seen in a while and she sees a lot of adorable dogs I'm sure. Here is a picture with her ear doing it's thing: