Saturday, January 31, 2009

Thank Goodness it's the Weekend

I could hardly wait for the weekend to get here. I worked last weekend and so by the end of the week I was plum tuckered out and if I didn't get a day off soon I was not sure what I'd do. At least the sun has been shining and that has really helped, but nothing replaces a day off and sleeping in with no where to go and nothing to do. So this weekend is dedicated to a couple of naps, sewing, and reading. I got this joke in an email from a friend today and you know I think I can relate to it - sadly:

An older couple is lying in bed one morning.
They had just awakened from a good night's sleep.
He takes her hand and she responds, 'Don't touch me.' 'Why not?' he asked. She answered, 'Because I'm dead.'
The husband asked...'What are you talking about? We're both lying here in bed together and talking to one another!'
She said, 'No, I'm definitely dead.'
He insisted, 'You are not dead. What in the world makes you think you're dead?'
'Because I woke up this morning and nothing hurts.'

I think my Chance Man is having a day, based on the way he was slumped on the couch. Some days are just rough, sunshine or no sunshine.
Maddie on the other hand is just excited to have her Mom and Dad home today and the fact that she'll get to go out and about and run a couple of errands and get us to play with her, etc. I love this picture - when she looks up at you she has what I like to call - Flying Nun Ears (and yes, I spilled coffee on the rug by where she's standing and took the picture before cleaning it - bad housekeeper).
She was spayed not quite 2 weeks ago and I love it - the vet's office tells you to keep her calm and resting for 14 days - yeah right, she's a puppy and except for the first night, she was full steam ahead like nothing had happened. We did try, but you can't keep a silly little pup down. Right now she's chasing back and forth through the house with the cats - it's quite funny, she chases them one way, they chase her going the other way till someone tires out and says screw it. Then it's time for a nap.
And pictures of the children would not be complete without a picture of Skeezics - or Doodle Bug as I like to call him. When he's not being a perpetual kitten, he is the Zen master of the house. Laying regally on his kitty condo mediating about world peace and catnip.

So what are your weekend plans?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

6 Picture Meme

Today I was tagged by my new friend Ginny at Ginny's Quilts
with the six picture meme. I had to go to my sixth folder of pictures and find the sixth picture, and show it and tell the story behind the picture. Wow, what fun, I'm new to blog world and new to being tagged as well, so here goes:

This picture was taken in 2004 (my earlier pictures were lost in a tragic computer crash earlier that year). It is of my beloved dog Scruffy, she's laying under the table in our 5th wheel and since it was in November that the picture was taken it's safe to assume we were at Cannon Beach for Thanksgiving. We adopted Scruffy when she was 4 years old from our local Humane Society and she lived to be the ripe old age of 17. We had to put her down in May of 2005 and it really did us both in and took us a long time to think about getting another dog - she was just that special. Scruffy loved to travel and loved going to the beach. As long as she could be with us, she was happy and she was such a good dog and oh so smart too.

I'm so glad I got tagged. It was such a good trip down memory lane and to be able to share the story of my wonderful Scruffy, it was a treat for me. I actually called her Lovely more than I called her Scruffy - because from the minute she got in our car to come home it was non-stop love.

Now I am supposed to tag 6 people, not sure I know that many in blog land, but I will do my best to get as many to play along as I can.

We'll start with my first blog friend - Lisa Jo at Life at Black Bear Cabin, she quilts, she's a Mom and I love visiting her blog.

Next, my long time friend Tiffany at The Ottley's. Tiff is 76 days away from delivering her 3rd baby and I hope she has time for this.

My third friend is Shazza at Random Thoughts and Acts of Stupidity. She's training for a new job and doesn't have Internet in the evenings, when I last visited her site, she was having blog withdrawls - hopefully this might help.

My fourth choice is Jackie at Jackie's Stitches. We've been visiting each others sites and she always leaves great comments.

My fifth choice is Jennifer at Bronze Wombat. She is my first international friend and is located in Australia. She's a quilter and crafter and has a great blog to visit.

And last, but not least,

Linda Lou at Cucina Cara Mia. She's in sunny California and is considering a home based food business - Yum, I bet she'll do great!!

Thanks everyone for playing along and thanks Ginny for tagging me - my very first blog tag. I hope we meet in person very soon.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Perserving Grandma's Quilt

Last year I was determined to clean out my junk room, have a yard sale and get that room in order, which I mostly accomplished I might add. In the process CR found his grandmother's quilt. Given to us years ago by his step mother who tried to use fabric paint on it, I guess to help it's appearance. You see it has been a well loved and used quilt through the generations and so it's worn in spots. It also had this horrible silk ribbon zig zag'd on to it over the binding. So there it sat in the back room, in of all things a plastic bag, oy vey. I've not been quilting that long but the minute I realized what it was and that it was in a plastic bag, I wanted to cry. Not the best way to treat an old quilt. I talked to several ladies who've quilted for years and showed them the quilt and their advice to me was - you'll have to make it into 2 quilts to get rid of the horrible fabric paint and put a new binding on it. So I purchased a lovely reproduction fabric and then let it sit for a year, scared to death to cut into it, I didn't want to further ruin Grandma's quilt.
Here is the fabric painted part:
Here is part of the quilt with the beautiful fabric I purchased to rebind it:

Here is a closer look at the detail, isn't it beautiful. All flour sacks and all hand stitched.

Here is a larger view of the one piece:
I'm home today, just when I ditched the cold I get a lovely stomach bug. But if I can muster up the energy I'm going to sew the binding on the 2 pieces and start the hand sewing. CR's brother D and his wife M will get one of the 2 pieces the quilt is now. I'm going to scan an image of Grandma onto the printable fabric sheets and a little information that we've been able to gather on the quilt to accompany each part of it and why it was cut apart. This way each of them can pass it onto their kids as a bit of their family history. I was going to sew the label with Grandma's picture onto the quilt, but I'm afraid that it's to frail for that - does anyone have any suggestions on how to do something nice with the label, but not actually sew it on?? I'd love some advice.
And lastly, here is Madison - she'd like to go outside now, so I guess I better finish this up and take her out.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


I've been down all week with one nasty cold. And during that time I got a response from my Aunt who moved to live near my other Aunt in North Carolina this spring. It was a response to my Christmas letter and note that I also wrote to her. Now she's not spoken to me for several years, this is typical of our relationship. The letter was scathing and full of blame - and all of the blame and problem is mine evidently. Sadly this didn't surprise me, sadly they are both in their 60's and evidently don't realize that it take 2 or 3 to cause a problem, it never just is one person. A friend said to me, we pick our friends, but we don't pick our relatives and if you could pick your Aunts as friends - would you? An interesting question - are there a lot of you out there who would choose to be friends with your relatives, or would you just close the door and figure you tried and sometimes you just have to cut your losses? I'd love to hear your thoughts.....

Monday, January 12, 2009

To the Groomers we go....

This past Friday, Madison had her first experience at the Groomers. A lovely lady, who sweetly told me she was such a good girl (oh lord I hope that was the truth). Since the Groomer was across the parking lot from my job, she got to come to Mom's office after the bath and trim. She's still such a pup, so she was slightly afraid to come into the office and had to be coaxed (picked up and carried like a little princess) to get her in, once in, she was fine, except for Rocco the boxer - he intimidated her - sheer size issue for sure. Then her Dad picked her up so she could go home and rest after her big morning of beauty. And she learned that beauty is a lot of exhausting work!! Doesn't she look cute!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Transcending - by Kelly Corrigan

I got this from my wonderful Sister-In-Law, Mon yesterday and I can't think of a better thing to share today - I wish I could be so eloquent. Enjoy!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Little Men

My little men, big boys, just 4 legged boys - the furry kind - cats 2 of them, tiny little guys weighing in at 14 pound each, Tiny - NOT. They sleep all day on the couch, then move into the bed at night to hold CR's legs down and make him sweat. This time of year it's all about sleep and keeping warm. They are so darn cute and we love them so much.

I found this next picture on the shoebox website and I think it really explains it, if you own a cat. Not much else to say today, just a little "ode" to my boys and their charming ways.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

You Betcha

Got an email from a friend yesterday with a subject reading: "Trouble up North". When I opened the email I saw this picture and I thought it was way to funny not to share. Hope you get a good giggle out of it too.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Great Book and Wonderful Movie

Today was a pretty good day in our house. CR who never likes to go to movie's took me to see Marley & Me. Now I read the book when it first came out and it was excellent, well the movie was just as good and yes, just as much of a tear jerker as the book. If you've ever loved a pet, especially a dog, this movie is for you, and don't forget your Kleenex!!