Friday, July 17, 2009

Off to Fish the Methow River

We're off to fish the Methow River for a week, can't wait - the fishing is supposed to be really good. We'll be parking our 5th wheel in Carlton, WA - not far from Winthrop, 2 small towns up north. I'm hoping to have great fish tales when we return and some pictures to back up the stories!!
Meanwhile, this was my first full week of being gainfully unemployed/retired and I LOVE it. I've had a great week, it's nice to get things done with out rushing, it's even better when your husband mentions several times how much he likes having you home. So I think I could get used to this. Originally I thought I might look for a 2 to 3 day a week part time job in September, but now I'm thinking I'll review that thought in January instead and see if there is any desire to work again. It's always nice to be home when the weather is good and there is a lot to do and travel plans and such, but I wonder how I'll feel in the winter, so that will be my "review" time on retirement.
Well the only thing left to do is pack our clothes - think we'll wait till later as it's 101 today and it feels like you could fry an egg on the driveway. Thankfully it's a dry heat, but dog gone I must be getting old, cuz I just don't enjoy the heat like I used to.
Have a great week!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Retired Again!

I retired officially from working in June of 2005, however a few months later the owner of the place I tanned at asked me if I'd be interested in working on Tuesdays. I said sure, sounded like fun and wasn't much of a commitment. How that one day a week turned into way to many hours and days is beyond me - sometimes it doesn't pay to be a good worker and show up on time and be ready for work, you get the idea. Anyhow I've just burned myself out on the whole thing, there are other reasons as well, but the bottom line is, I just want time at home with CR, time to fish with CR, time to travel when we want to and time to slow down and smell the roses and/or coffee (w/chocolate of course). I decided to give a weeks notice, so I gave that to the owner today and as I had suspected, with things as slow as they are, they told me not to bother coming in next week. However if I decide to work again, they'd love to have me back - which was nice, but again, I've burned myself out with tanning and I guess if I do go back to work, it will have to be something altogether different and new.

So I am a free woman, retired again, my time is my own and I plan to enjoy it. Tomorrow my friend Julie and I are off to the big city - Portland, OR to do some fabric shopping. Should be fun! Saturday I'm getting together with my friend Kelly to have a sew day, we haven't done this for a long time and I can't wait - we always have such a good time together. Sunday I think I'll sleep in and then next week we'll be getting the 5th wheel ready to take off to fish the Methow River. Guess I won't be sitting around complaining that I'm bored!!

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Maddie Turns a Year Old

I can't believe she's an adult dog already. Seems like just yesterday she was all of 4 pounds and tiny as could be. July 4th Maddie turned a year old. We adopted Maddie in early September, I'd just had my hip replaced and Cliff had just had his cancer biopsy and I honestly don't know what we were thinking - perhaps we weren't and that is good. I had been on the pet finder website when I spotted this little girl. She had a brother and a sister and their story was someone had dumped them at a beauty salon, so OutWest Pet Rescue in Prosser took them in. It had been over 2 years since we lost our beloved Scruffy and I was ready to have another dog, CR wasn't so sure, but we drove up to Prosser to see her and it was LOVE at first site. Adopting a pup when I couldn't bend more than 90 degrees at the waist probably wasn't the smartest idea, but oh she was so adorable. She snuggled into my neck for the ride home. A week later, me still recovering from hip surgery, CR and I still waiting for his biopsy results, our little, adorable pup came down with parvo. As if our emotions weren't raw enough, this sent us over the edge. We were so in love with her and when the vet told us to try to save her would cost upwards of 1500.00, we didn't hesitate, they had to do all they could to save her, that was all there was to it. After 7 days in the vet hospital, finally she turned the corner and beat the parvo. By that time we knew Cliff had cancer. Our emotions we on over drive and would be for many months, and I truly think the love of this little pup helped us weather many a storm during those months. We are so grateful that our little Miracle Maddie pulled through. She is healthy and happy and spoiled and loved dearly today, with no ill effects from the parvo. And Cliff is happy and healthy and his PSA is 0.04 which is a wonderful number, his oncologist thinks that everything is good and on the right track, and me, well at the end of August my hip will be one year old too and every day I can do more and it gets stronger and feels more like my own. We're sure pretty grateful to be past the dark days we had and back to our normal fishing and summer enjoyment.
By the way, Maddie is sporting her new big girl pink collar that she got for her birthday!!