Sunday, January 31, 2010

Winter Blahs

Have the winter blahs caught up with you yet? They've gotten a good hold on me with all the grey skies and rain and dampness. Okay so it's not a ton of snow, and it's not 10 below outside, the problem is lack of sunshine. Today the sun is actually out and I feel better than I have in quite a while, my pain isn't as bad, although still there, I just feel like I have energy. Granted it's been a rough winter with the surgery, infection, more surgery, stomach killing antibiotics (took the last today, hooray), pain, etc but I have to say all that aside, winter blahs get me every year. I was at the grocery store Friday and this young man; probably still in high school asked me how my day was going. I said "okay", he said "winter blahs", I said "yeah", and sadly I just wanted him to check me out so I could get home. He went on to tell me he'd heard a lot of that from people during his shift that day.  He went on to say he didn't get the winter blahs, winter didn't bother him at all, he liked all the seasons. I thought about that, I like all the seasons too, but how can the grey skies not get to you after awhile. Then I thought about being in high school and how busy we were, always a game to go to, dances, parties at friends houses whose parents went out of town - hey I wasn't a saint, boyfriends coming and going. Back then winter came and went relatively quickly, no time to get down, to much to do. So it made me think, as we get older why it is that life, work, obligations drag us down, winter gets to us and we've no energy to do much of anything but the requirements. What makes a great day vs. an okay day? I was thinking about that too. Isn't it a great day when you wake up (hey you're alive), you have food in your house, your bills are paid, you have cars and money to put gas in them, you have family and friends that you love and they love you...........You get the idea, that alone I think should make it a great day, so from now on I think I should consider my very comfortable life and how fortunate I am and when asked "how's your day going", respond with a smile and say "great"!!

Hugs, Tammy

Monday, January 25, 2010

Good News and a Winner

Saw my doctor today, he removed the dressing and my hand looks so good.  He left it open to drain as it needed and the darn thing is almost closed up, guess a good cleaning out was all it needed to get things back on track.  So now on to PT tomorrow for strenghtening exercises and I'll see him again on Thursday.  I'm thinking a batch of cookies are in order for all he and his staff have done for me.  It appears that the suture material they used to hold the new cushion in place was the issue, my body was rejecting it and now that it's out of there, we should be full steam ahead on recovery.

My hubby got a good chuckle while we were in the doctors office.  A nurse that had assisted in my surgery Friday came in to see how it was doing and asked if I remembered telling her all about our fly fishing adventures and the places we like to fish.  Oh lord, I didn't remember her, much less talking her ear off.  Even fully medicated I don't shut up, oy vey.  I guess my sister-in-law is right, I should have been named Chatty Cathy.

And now for the winner of my 100th Post Giveaway.  I couldn't figure out how to get a copy of the darn random number generator, so you'll have to trust me.  The winner is Jennifer at Bronze Wombat.  I'm, so excited that Jennifer won, she was one of my first readers and she is such a wonderful and thoughtful friend and she's had a rough few months herself and is finally on the mend.  So Jennifer, please send me you postal address and I will do my best to get this on it's way to you by the end of the week.

Thank you all for you healing thoughts and kind words, it's really meant a lot going through this rough patch.  I'm so excited to get back to sewing and you can be sure I'll be posting pictures and chatting away about it.

Hugs,  Tammy

Friday, January 22, 2010

A bit of discouraging news.....

Last night the surgical site started to look bad, this morning it was very red, hot to touch, you get the idea, so I just got home from seeing my doctor and at 3pm today he is going to surgically clean out the infection and get this improving for me.  I think it's a good idea, although I don't like the idea, but it will get me back on my feet and feeling a lot better.  And I want to sew and create so badly, so I'll be one step closer to being able to do that as well.  In the meantime, I think I'll extend my giveaway drawing date so I can have a few days to heal.  Hopefully more folks will want to participate, but if not, their loss.

Have a good weekend!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Official 100th Post Celebration and Giveaway

Finally, here it is at long last, my 100th Post Giveaway (okay actually it's post 101, but lets pretend).  I saw my doctor today, another 10 days of heavy duty antibiotics for me, it's looking better, but it's not good yet.  I'm praying that 10 days from now it looks great, otherwise I'm afraid he'll want to go in surgically and clean the area up.  Not fun, but it could be a lot worse.

I've been so excited to do this giveaway and celebrate all the friends I've made through my blog and how much I enjoy having a blog.  My giveaway includes:  Little Chramers 5 pattern by Anka's Treasures (love, love, love her patterns), Blackbird Designs for Moda - Garden Party Charm Pack, Thimbleberries, Village Green - Midnight Charm Pack, a 6 piece Fat Quarter Bundle of L'Amour by Sandy Gervais, and a cute, fun little pair of scissors.  Of course not pictured will be something in the chocolate category, don't we all need our vitamin C?

Here is a picture to entice you:

I would like to thank you all for reading my blog and for your friendship and support.  I have meant some wonderful women through my blog and I cherish all of you and look forward to getting to know you better. 

Here's all you have to do for a chance to win, leave me a comment on this post and tell me where online you like to buy fabric when you can't get to your local quilt shop.  I will pick the winner this coming Sunday, Jan. 24th.  Good Luck!!

Hugs,  Tam

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm interrupting my 100th Post for a Quick Message

Lets pretend this is post 99 and 3/4's.  While I have everything ready for my 100 Post and Giveaway, I've gotten a bad infection from surgery.  Currently I'm on 3 antibiotics for a total of 12 pills a day and I've got to admit I'm just not feeling so good at the moment.  There is also a chance of more surgery to clean everything up, oy vey, lets all pray that is not needed.  So I promise I haven't forgotten the post and giveaway, I just need some time to get on my feet and feel like a person again.  I apologize for the delay.
Take care and check back soon, please.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year....

What a new year, snow, followed by freezing rain, followed by a chinook (warm) wind to blow all the snow and ice away.  That is how it started here in our neck of the woods.  Sadly, we didn't  stay up to watch the ball drop and kiss at midnight, both of us snored the new decade in.  Must have been that outstanding italian dinner at Bella Italia and the bottle of wine - couldn't be that we're both long out of our 20's could it?
I keep seeing all of your inspiring blogs out there with lists of all you'll accomplish or at least intend to accomplish in 2010 and I keep thinking I should do the same, however, I was the lead of a software project before I retired and I lived by lists and deadlines and I'm not sure I want to do that to myself.  I can be very driven to achieve what needs to be done.  So when I want to clean house, clean out a room, etc, I make a list and will accomplish it or put my back out trying.  The hubs calls me the race horse when I am in that mode - blinders on and go, go, go.  So rather than have a list and a constant reminder, I will just mention the quilts/projects I'd most like to accomplish this year:
1.  A quilt that I've already started  for our bed.
2.  A quilt for Cliff's brother and his lovely wife and my special Sister (SIL) Monica to celebrate their retirement this year.
3.  A cute wall hanging for every month of the year for our house.  I have Oct, Nov, Dec, and Jan
and have spied some cute patterns at Joined at the Hip ( for a few of the other months.
4.  A cute panel lap quilt I recently purchased for my good friend and adopted brother, Virgil.  I met him when I was 16, he worked where my Aunt worked, I'd just left home and was living with my Grandmother and Aunt, neither one of these ladies had a clue what had gone on in my home and to me during the time which my mother cut off contact with them.  I was very stoic and difficult to reach, but Virg just accepted me and with out having ever to say much, we just got each other, realized we both had secrets that were painful and forged a friendship that continues on.  He took me on my first trip to the big city, he took me to see Grease and we both to this day share a love for that movie, he helped me get my first grown up job and the job in which I later met my hubby.  Sorry, memory lane.
So those are the projects special to me and that I want to accomplish, anything else is just gravy.
My next post is number 100, so plan to see a giveaway to help me celebrate.  I started this blog on a lark to see if I could do it and to have some fun with it.  In the process I've made some wonderful friends here and all over the country and even in Australia.  I love my blog and find it to be a real blessing.  Thank you all for visiting and encouraging me!!