Friday, April 23, 2010


Madison went to the groomers yesterday.  She's sporting her summer short hairdo now and she came out looking so adorable with a pink checked kercheif on.  Just had to share a picture, cuz she's to cute for words (in my opinion)!!
Also, I just got a call from Rockwood Clinic.  I am scheduled for surgery on June 2nd.  And as of today I am 1.6 pounds away from my personal weight before surgery goal.  I'm doing the dance of joy!!
Have a wonderful weekend everybody!

Hugs,  Tammy

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Almost have a date.....

I should have a surgery date soon; I'm just waiting for the phone to ring. You know, you can't stare at a phone and have it ring, if you could, it would have done it by now. Anyhow I know that the surgeon has given his final blessing - no more tests needed, good to go for surgery, blessing. So now I'm just waiting for the office scheduler to call me with the date. Ring damn phone, RING!!

In the meantime I think I shall sew something. Right now my back is hurting so bad that I'm not sure how much attention I can give anything, but sewing sounds like the best plan. Tomorrow I'll get an epidural in L4 and should be pain free by the weekend. Maybe with the weight loss surgery I won't have to do too many more of these, but if I do, its okay; at least it relieves the pain and keeps me mobile.
Our beautiful weather has turned to rain and heavy winds - ah spring time in the Tri-Cities, what would it be if the wind didn't blow and dust didn't fly. But hey, it's a good excuse not to dust, I'm good with that!!
Hope you all are having a great day.

Hugs,  Tammy

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Stuff and New Creations

A couple of weeks ago we purchased a new refrigerator and a new stove/oven.  Today was delivery day, hooray.  Don't let the fridge scare you, I have a buttload of magnets that I've collected from business travels and other travels and a few from friends who've traveled as well:

Guess I better stop collecting magnets - there's not much room left.  Our new stove/oven is the bomb.  The oven is a convection oven, so I think I'll be learning to bake all over again.  Supposedly everything cooks faster and more evenly.  I'm thinking I will need to bake the grandson some cookies and try this out.

Our Rhubarb plant is out of control huge this year and it's only April, so hubby broke off some of it and I made him a pie - he loves this pie, it's a recipe his daughter got from her MIL and to tell you the truth it is the best rhubarb pie I've ever eaten!!  Okay I did cheat, it's a pillsbury crust - I didn't feel like making crust and since I'm dieting, I thought it was good that I made the darn thing - Right!!

I recently made a new purse for myself with some Lakehouse fabric that I've had a couple years.  I figured I needed a new purse and so I threw this together.

And as for my weight loss surgery journey.  Well I've done all my pre-op testing and yesterday my case manager gave it to the surgeon for final review. If he decides there are no other tests required, then he'll turn it over to the scheduler and I should have a date pretty soon.  But I'm again in a holding pattern, waiting for the call.  Thank goodness I sew, or I'd go nuts with all this waiting.  The weather here has been beautiful and in the mid-70's, although today it's supposed to only be around 65 and the rain is to roll in - bummer.  Hope your day is going well!

Hugs,  Tammy

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Best News..............

Today I got a letter from my insurance, I've been approved for Weight Loss Surgery.  Oh my gosh it blew me away.  I was so excited.  My insurance required me to lose 5% of my weight before they would allow me to see the surgeon and as of today I've surpassed the 5% by 10 more pounds and I'm just 4.4 pounds away from the goal weight that I set for myself before surgery.  I've been really working hard and it's all paying off and coming together for me.

We seem to have a duck that has decided our yard is a great place to hang out.  I've named her Debbie the Duck.  Here she is just chillin by the lilac bushes:
There is a drake who comes around as well, but poor Debbie Duck, he also brings along another gal.  Those drakes, they just don't seem to be aware of the "one woman at a time" rule.

Hope you week is off to a good start!!

Hugs,  Tammy

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wine Touring at it's Best!

Yesterday we took our Wine Tour that was a gift from the kids for Christmas.  They booked us a wine tour for 4 with SUV Tours - Sacco's Ultimate Vintage Wine Tasting Tour.  The Sacco's are a husband and wife team who have a huge passenger van and do wine tours of the weekends of different area around the Southwest corner of Washington State.  So many wineries are located here in this region that they have made their tours fit into certain areas.  Yesterday we choose to tour the Walla Walla Wineries.  Walla Walla is about an hour drive east of where we live.  First let me just say that the van was so comfortable, the Sacco's were so personable and accommodating and fun.  They provided us with lots of water to keep us hydrated and help us not to get drunk from tasting.  So they picked us up at 10am and we were off to Walla Walla, first stop, Woodward Canyon Winery, located in Lowden a small farming community just west of Walla Walla.  The tasting room is in an old farm house and just a quaint and beautiful place.  Their wines were ALL just fabulous, I could have bought a case of each I liked them so much - well let me say their reds, none of us are white wine drinkers really.  Here is the Farm house/Tasting room:
Here is a picture of (L to R) CR - the hubs, Ken a good friend of ours, and Monica and Doug (Doug is CR's brother - Monica is the best SIL ever!)
After we tasted and made purchases it was off to Waterbrook Winery.  We are very familiar with their wines, as we love their Merlot - I think it one of the best Merlots out there for the price.  They just built a huge and beautiful new tasting room, so we wanted to taste, purchase and view the new accommodations:
Part of Waterbrook's Patio and their outdoor fireplace - simply gorgeous:
And here's the whole gang together:  (L to R) Ken, Tammy(me), Mon, Doug, and CR
After Waterbrook, our next stop was a new start up winery called Dusted Valley.  I wish I'd taken a picture here, but their winery is small and run out of their basement at the moment.  They have some exceptional wines including the only white wine that I love if it's a good one and that is Viognier.  It's a clean and crisp and fruity wine that is awesome drinking when the weather turn over 100 degrees as it will during a Tri-Cities Summer.  They also make an awesome Grenache, which is typically a grape used in blends, but they make it as a stand alone wine and yummo, it's a favorite of mine.  Developed by a family originally from Wisconsin, they've moved in and made one heck of a good winery.  All wineries usually have a wine club, their wine club is too funny - it's called the Stained Tooth Society, all members get a toothbrush (one of the owners is a dentist).  Just fun in my opinion.
After we tasted and made our purchases, we had lunch on their beautiful patio.  The Sacco's provided a wonderful Italian buffet lunch that included cheeses and meats, bread, olives, roasted peppers, on and on the list goes.  It was just delicious and just what we needed after tasting at 3 wineries.
After lunch we packed up to visit Basel Cellars Winery.  Mostly I wanted to visit this winery because it was originally a gorgeous and huge home built for a couple who divorced and then sold this beautiful estate to the Winery.  The place is HUGE and even has a separate house that is the pool house, which unfortunately I couldn't get back to that area to see the pool house or the pool.  The front doors are beautifully carved and I did manage to peak in the windows of the ground floor.  Currently the estate is rented out, for couples or a family gathering - if you have enough money I would bet.  The winery was okay.  The tasting room was rather snobbish, not friendly like the other wineries and personally I didn't find their wines that good, although others in the group did like some of them.  Here are some pictures of the estate.  Go to their website and you can see more of it.
Next stop was Cougar Crest Winery.  I didn't take my camera in with me.  They have a beautiful tasting room and some very delicious wines and an awesome port.
And last, but not least was GlenCorrie Winery.  A converted horse stable in the middle of horse pastures, this winery is small but a wonderful surprise.  They only make a few wines, all reds and you have to buy through the winery.  I have to tell you that I would have liked to take everyone of their wines home.  So delicious, medium bold and wonderful flavor, it was a real joy that our tour guides introduced us to this little gem of a winery.  I believe the winery is owned by 2 brothers.  Just a fabulous winery and one that will become very popular over time I am sure.
What a fun day we had and a great time.  Anyone looking for a wine tour, I HIGHLY recommend the SUV Tours with the Sacco's. 
On the Weight Loss front, the psych evaluation report finally reached my surgeons office and now they must prepare the paperwork for my insurance to get approval from them.  So I'm still in a holding pattern, but I don't think it will take to long.  And from that approval we can do the pre-surgery testing and then I'll get a surgery date and the fun begins.  I'm still losing weight slow but sure and about 4.5 pounds from my personal pre-surgery goal weight that I set for myself.  So I'm pretty pleased with my continued progress and commitment to making big changes in my life and sticking to them.
I've also been busy in my quilting room but I'm not ready to show pictures of my latest project - perhaps sometime this next week.
Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.

Hugs,  Tammy