Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I've gone and done it

What have I done you ask, well I got myself a Face Book Page.  I'll be putting pictures there as well as here of my weight loss journey, and other things that are fun and that interest me.  If you'd like to be my friend, just look for Tammy Edwards.

Hugs your way!

Monday, June 28, 2010

My New Bike

Wow, it's been unbelievably busy getting back into the swing of life after being gone for 3 weeks. Finally this week things look to be slowing down. Since my surgery I have dropped an amazing 17 pounds and on Wednesday it will be 4 weeks - one whole month. Seems like yesterday to tell you the truth. One thing I told my hubby I wanted after losing some weight (the total weight loss is now 70 pounds) was a cruiser - the old fashioned bikes with fat tires, fenders, no gears, pedals do the breaking, and so he got me one and in my very favorite color -- Green (the picture doesn't do it justice, it is really a minty green). I also wanted a Nantucket bike basket and a bike bell, which we added to the bike. I just love it, it's a joy to ride and a joy to be fit enough to ride it and find it enjoyable.

Unfortunately I have no sewing to show you, I've been to busy cleaning, running errands, laundry, getting the house back in order to sit down and sew. I'm hopeful to finish a project or two this week and have pictures soon. We have quite a hatch of baby quail running around and I'm hoping to also get a picture of them to share with you as well, they are just tiny, adorable little fuzz balls right now.

Hugs to you all,

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Back Home and Feeling Awesome

Hi Everyone!!  We are finally home and I have to say for such a major surgery I felt great from the get go.  That night of surgery my back was hurting so I got the nurse to take me and my IV and my other hook ups for a walk and never looked back.  The next morning they did a leak test of my new stomach pouch and wow, was that fascinating - you drink 2 teaspoons of the most bitter contrast and then they take x-rays and lucky me the radiologist pointed everything out about my new stomach pouch and the intestine connections - it was fascinating.  I went in at 10 am on Wednesday and was out of the hosptial at noon on Friday.  Pain was minimal and with the exception of road ruts and speed bumps I felt great.  Went to the grocery store with CR on Saturday.  I needed to walk and move to avoid blood clots and I felt good enough to get out, so we did.  I just kept on moving and never looked back.  I was on full liquids for 2 weeks and just this past week moved to pureed foods.  I'd say the worst thing right now is that I can't take pills, they have to be crushed and oh boy are they bitter.  I've been losing about a pound a day and I'm, down a size in clothes from what I was wearing right before surgery.  I've named my new stomach pouch "Petunia Pouch", and I know she's gonna take me on a roller coaster ride as I change up my diet in the coming weeks and become more adventursome, but for now she's being pretty kind to me.  We took a trip to the Cabelas store while we were gone and that was HEAVEN and we also went to a couple of quilt shops - again, HEAVEN.  But there is no place better than home and we are glad to be settled in and back to our daily routine.  It's reaching that time of night that I start to crash and need to go to bed, so I will catch up with all the wonderful blogs I follow and have missed these past 3 weeks.  Hope you all are happy and well and thank you so very much for the prayers and good vibes you sent my way - they worked and were so appreciated.

Hugs,   Tammy