Sunday, August 29, 2010

92 Pounds Gone

Thought I'd do a little update since it will be 3 months since my surgery this week.  I have lost to date, 92 pounds and I feel fabulous.  I've gone from a size 24 to a size 14 pant and can hardly believe it.  I find myself looking at my reflection and wondering who that is sometimes because it's such a huge difference.  I have had the pressure of my CPAP machine turned down from a 12 to a 5 and in 2 months I will not have to use it anymore.  For those of you not familiar with what a CPAP machine is, it's for sleep apnea.  I'll be doing my 3 month blood work this week for my surgeon and I'm hoping that I don't have any deficiencies, I can't imagine that I do given how great I feel.  I made it through all the food stages one must do after surgery and now can eat anything, although my focus is on protein and of course there are foods that post-surgery are either not a good idea or can really cause problems, so I do stay away from sugar, high fats, breads, pastas, etc.  I feel very fortunate not to have had any complications and hope that continues.  As much as I love shopping, I have no smaller sizes in my closet, so I'm going to have to start buying things as the cooler weather comes in.  I do find I get cold easily now, so I'm wondering how winter will be and what I'll need to keep warm with.  It's a bit overwhelming to have to shop for everything, except socks - they still fit.  Right now I need everything and I think I'll have to formulate a plan of attack to take on this task.  I still have 53 pounds to lose in order to be a healthy BMI, I definitely feel I can make my goal!!

I sure appreciate all the support from everyone and I'll keep you updated as I get closer to my goal.

Hugs your way..........Tammy

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Baby Quail dusting in the Driveway

Caught some of the baby quail and their Dad in the driveway dusting for lice the other night.  While the pictures aren't as good as I'd like them to be, they aren't bad either.  I just love the quail families and watching the babies grow up, so cute.  We are so lucky to have them in our yard while still living in the city.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Kids

While we were on vacation last week I managed to get some pictures of the children - the furry children that is and I thought I'd share them.
Madison - she wasn't thrilled about the camera and looks a little annoyed.
ChanceMan in one of his favorite positions - belly up and ignoring his mother. 
Skeezics - our little bed hog boy.  He can really get himself in some odd positions and sleep for hours that way.
Skeezie in front of the door getting warmed by the sun and watching the neighbors.
Maddie was under the table and I thought this was so cute - looking at me like - do I get a treat for this?
Hugs your way.................Tammy

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Another Fishing Trip

Here I am with my big catch - a 20 inch cutthroat trout.  It was a really hot day and the salmon are starting to spawn so the trout weren't out to play much sadly.  I had a couple of big ones get away from me as I got them closer to the boat.  CR got skunked sadly.

While we were gone I read 3 fantastic books:  My favorite was "The Forgotten Garden" by Kate Morton.  The other 2 were excellent reads as well, but a little on the sad side:  "Sarah's Key" by Tatiana De Rosnay and "Little Bee" by Chris Cleave.  I highly recommend all three of these books.

We also went to the Fish Hatchery at Winthrop.  Here are a few pictures of that:

The have captured beavers who've gotten into trouble, they keep them for a time and then relocate them to the wild again.

Here are some salmon getting ready to go up the fish ladder and onto their spawning grounds

They also have a pond full of HUGE trout and in June they have a big thing for kids with tons of activities and then they let the kids fish for the trout and whoever hauls in the biggest one gets a prize.

Well that's it for now, hope you all are enjoying the summer and having as much fun as we are. 

Hugs your way..............Tammy

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Where Have I Been

Where have I been - well I've been just hanging out in the air conditioning with my nose stuck in a series of books.  Yeah, no sewing or inspiring things to show you.  I love the HBO series True Blood and so I decided to read the novels by Charlaine Harris - the Sookie Stackhouse series which is what True Blood is based on.  They're fun, quick, easy reads and a bit campy to boot.  Anyhow I got started and couldn't put them down till I finished the 10th and last book out in the series - oh and I can't wait for book 11 to come out.  I am working on a skirt that is almost done, but had to take the day to get my hair trimmed and colored (cover that grey) and then I promised our fishing friend a batch of my Chocolate Chip Cookies.  That was a bit tough to get going on since in the past it's been a real trigger for me - in that I want to eat as many as I bake, or so it seemed.  But I did great, no eating or tasting - the smelling was calorie free and wonderful.  CR did the taste testing and declared them to be excellent and our friend Rod will be thrilled to get some I'm sure.  We are off to fish next week, so more fishing pictures to follow.

Hugs your way............Tammy