Monday, November 15, 2010

An Apron, Let It Snow and My Espresso Machine

Today's been a rough day, actually the last week has been odd - little did I know I was getting a urinary tract infection.  Late yesterday afternoon I started having blood in my urine and I freaked out.  I have never had bladder or urinary problems in my life, so I freaked - that is the only way to describe it.  But I'm not one to rush to the ER - maybe I should, but I figure it's a long wait and probably best to wait and see my regular doc - who I didn't see, they sent me to the Lab place to have the tests done on my urine and just my luck the lab didn't get the test results to the doc by close of business, so here I sit waiting and miserable.  Oh well, it won't kill me from what I can read about it online.  So what's a girl to do when she's uncomfortable and a tad miserable.  SEW!!  Here is my new Apron:

The Pattern is called "Sassy Little Apron" by Barbara Brandeburg (#154-SLA).  I got it at our local Craft Warehouse.  It's a super easy pattern and fun to make in an afternoon.  She also makes this same pattern in a kids size and in a plus size - lots of great options.  If you're looking for a fun thing to make someone for Christmas - this would be excellent!!

I also finished the binding on my "Let it Snow" wall hanging.  I got the pattern - actually a kit from Connecting ThreadsThey have very nice fabric at really good prices.  I've made a few kits from them as well as just ordered fabric and I've never been disappointed.

And finally - my 8 year old Espresso machine started having problems with the steamer a year ago.  We took it to Spokane (a 2&1/2 drive up north) to an authorized dealer that could fix it - well they fixed it, but didn't really do a good job and a few weeks ago the steamer kicked the bucket.  So my wonderful hubby CR took it apart, got the schematic for it and figured out what needed to be replaced, called the company, got the parts and fixed it himself and it purrs and makes a latte that is perfection.  I couldn't afford to replace this wonderful machine today, so CR being able to fix it and fix it like new was fantastic.  Of course he does benefit with a latte every day.  Here is my beautiful machine:

I tell everyone it does it all and darn near gives me a kiss when I turn it on!!

We are getting ready to leave for the beach for our annual Thanksgiving trip.  I think this is our favorite holiday and we have been going to Cannon Beach Oregon for 27 years now - only missing one Thanksgiving when CR was waiting for his second knee replacement a few years ago.

That's all from our neck of the woods.  Hope all is going well where you are.  Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving with your families!!


Tuesday, November 9, 2010


My knitting is coming along nicely.  I've started my scarf and so far so good, although I keep adding an extra stitch and I'm not sure how I do this.  I'm guessing that in time I'll figure it out and how to stop from doing it.  I really enjoy knitting and I think it's so relaxing to do while I watch TV in the evenings - if I could just keep Chanceman (the cat) from trying to play with my yarn.  Here is my scarf in progress....

I've also been busy in my sewing room.  I recently made a table runner for Christmas for S - she doesn't read my blog, so it's safe to post a picture.......

And another work in progress - a wall hanging for me.  Just a small one, but I think when it's done it will be really cute.

As you can see I'm keeping busy - how about you? 

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


It's not much to show, but here is a picture of my knitting so far.  I learned to cast on and the knit stitch last Wednesday at class.  When I say class I mean me and the shop owner/teacher - I'm a class of one and it's great to have personalized instruction.  I must say that I had quite a bit done and decided to take it all out and try casting on by myself last night and seeing how far I could get, so this is my second attempt and done all with out the benefit of a teacher around.  I really like knitting so far and today at class I'll learn the purl stitch and then begin my scarf.  I choose a wool yarn, because like fabric I wanted a nice yarn to work with and I love purple.  In fact my winter coat is an eggplant color, so my scarf will look good with it.