Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Sunday

What a beautiful summer Sunday it's been here.  Warm weather, but not to warm, windows open and a mild breeze blowing fresh air through the house.  Fantastic day.  And is typical at our house on Sunday's, we stick to home and make a very slow start of the day with brunch and newspaper reading, followed with lattes, then showers.  It's a no makeup day for me and something loose and comfortable to wear.  CR likes to putz in the yard and his garage on days like this and I like to putz in my sewing room.  Today I made a new pattern I recently purchased from Lazy Girl Designs - the Gracie Handbag.  Wow, what great patterns she writes, very easy to follow and all rotary cutting (I just hate a lot of pattern pieces as with the last bag I made).  So here is my creative achievement for today:
It's nice and roomy with plenty of pockets too.  I just love it.
And my helper today was Chanceman, who is obviously very tired from the huge yawn when I snapped this picture:
Now he needs a day of rest after all the supervising he has to do for his Mom.
Still nursing a sore throat which has now turned into a chest thing and a cough.  I'm hoping to shake this without needing antibiotics, having asthma makes that hard to do, seems like my lungs get it and I'm a mess in no time, but I'm still holding out hope.

Happy stitches and hugs,

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Farmers Market

Typical sunny, summer morning in our neck of the woods includes going out to breakfast with friends and then over to Farmers Market.  When the heat turns on and your skin dries up, you know it's time for good, fresh fruit and produce.  Today's finds included Rainier Cherries, Strawberries, Lettuce and Asparagus. 

And of course summertime means the sun shines into the house, and the fur babies follow the sun like the littler sun worshippers they are:
Skeezics the Doodle Bug

Chanceman warming his belly

Madison, warming the belly and begging for a tummy rub.
Not much stitching to report.  The Grandson kept us pretty busy and we were pooped when we took him home on Tuesday.  I also saw the hip doctor about my right hip and am thrilled to report it's not going bad like the other one, it just has bursitis and so I got a cortisone shot (ouch) and it's really feeling great.  I'm so thankful for a quick and easy fix.  Next up is my 3 month cancer checkup on the bladder in July and I'm sure praying all is well.  I feel really good and more energy every day so I know I'm cancer free and healthy.  I always try to stay positive and figure it has to help somehow.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fun in the Sun - we love summertime!!

We took the little man back to the park and play ground of dreams yesterday.  It was a gorgeous summer day and it was a great day to play in the water fountains there as well.  The air smelled warm and of sunscreen and the sounds of the kids having fun - it was a nice afternoon to say the least.  Ben made some friends and had 4 hours of fun times with his new buddies while the grandparents sat in the semi-shaded area and read and handed out a snack here and there as well as water.  Today Ben goes home, bummer, but he'll be back in July to have some more fun.  Here are a few pictures of yesterday:

I also have an appointment with the hip doctor today.  We shall find out what he has to say about my right hip and how we can get rid of the pain.  I'm sure hoping for an easy answer that doesn't involve hip replacement just yet.  I feel like the old body has been through an awful lot recently and I'm not sure I'm ready for more.  But whatever it takes to get this thing fixed and me back to walking on the treadmill pain free will be what I'll do.

Happy Stitches and hugs,

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers Day 2011

This has been a stellar weekend at our house.  Our Grandson Ben has been staying with us.  We went up to his house on Thursday evening, spent the night, packed him up Friday morning, had lunch with his Mom and Dad at Mom's office and then headed home to our house.  It's a 2&1/2 hour drive and he handled it very well, even with all that energy.  Yesterday we got up and going and had breakfast at our favorite breakfast spot.  The little man was very impressed with the french toast, strawberries and whip cream.  Then we went to get a haircut (his Mom asked us to do 2 things - get Ben a haircut and find him new sneakers) and then found him some new sneakers.  After that Ben and Grandma went to a movie.  We both highly recommend Mr. Poppers Penguins.  A fun family/kid movie and very entertaining.  When we got home Ben rode his bike and watched a DVD later while Grandma made Cowboy cookies for dessert.

Today is Father's Day so we made some pancakes and eggs for Grandpa for Fathers day and then called Ben's Papa to wish him a good day.  After lunch we went to the park where they have built this huge playground of dreams with all sorts of stuff to climb on, swings, 2 castles, and slides.  Mr. Ben played hard for 3 hours.  Afterwards Grandpa and Ben had ice cream cones and then we stopped off to get some hot dogs to grill for dinner.

The Grandparents may be pooped, but Ben had plenty of energy to jump on his bike for some more riding, now he's finishing up the movie he started earlier.

Here's a couple of pictures of Ben and Grandpa at the Playground of Dreams:

Time for Grandma to do some dishes and finish up some laundry.  Happy Fathers day to all!!

Happy Stitches and hugs,

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Challenge

Typically I like to make the Quilts Illustrated Charm Totes Purse pattern and I use the inside pockets idea from the same line's Bow Tucks Purse.  So the other day I made this purse for my dear friend Mary whose been supplying us with the best fresh asparagus lately.
Here's Mary's purse:
 I love the many pockets on each side of the purse as well:
And I use this pattern (but I also use the inside pockets idea from her bow tucks purse):

Recently though I decided I wanted to try a different style of purse - a new look.  So I ordered this pattern from StudioKat Designs:
Oh my I was not prepared for this to be like a pattern for a dress or something.  Lots of pattern pieces, cutting on the fold, nothing as simple as the rotary cutting of my Charm Tote Purse.  This also incorporated 2 zippers, and D-rings for the handles.  Yep, it was quite a bit of work and I had to use my seam ripper a bit more than I'd like to have because I evidently can't read, haha.  Anyhow I love the purse.  Here is a picture of the backside with the zippered pocket:
And here is a picture of the zippered closure to get in and out of the purse:
And here is a picture of the front of the purse with the pouch pocket.
It took more time than I'm used to a purse taking and I had some trouble reading the pattern, not because of the way it was written, I just needed to slow down and read it through.  I plan to make this one again for sure.

Do you make purses and what patterns out there do you like??  Oh and here is a link to an awesome web page with tons of purse patterns for sell.

Happy Stitches and hugs,

Thursday, June 9, 2011

A UFO - No More

I'm embarrassed to admit that I started this around 3 years ago.  It's tiny, the size of a placemat.  I remember moving on to another project because I wasn't in the mood to applique and it got pushed back and buried in my messy sewing room and recently when looking for something I never did find, I found this UFO.
I just love it.  I saw it at a quilt show in Walla Walla, WA and it said that the lady who made it used the book:  Patriotic Little Quilts by Alice Berg, Sylvia Johnson and Mary Ellen Von Holt.  I love this book, it has some fantastic wall hanging ideas that can be very patriotic or just lovely depending on the colors you choose.  So now my little quilt is complete and is hanging in the "kids" living room - the room with the most sunshine and there fore taken over by the furry kids.  Here is a picture of it with some fishing knick knacks and CR's Grandfathers bamboo fly rod.
Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Sunday, June 5, 2011

What is up with the "F" word?

Yesterday I went to Costco to return/exchange my Rowenta Iron that was leaking all over the place, arrgghhhh!!  When I was getting into my car a couple of young 20 something men were loading their car and every other word was "F" this and "F'in" that.  The day before I was at JC Penney's and a young man was waiting for his girlfriend/wife(?) who was trying clothes on and loudly he was saying hurry the "F" up, I want to get the "F" out of here, etc.  I wanted to tell that young woman - RUN, no man should talk to you like that.  Then when I got home yesterday there was a group of middle school to young high school aged kids, about 8 of them, walking down the sidewalk and loudly spouting the "F" word, I think just to hear themselves say it.  Well is it just me or are people now days just to uneducated to use descriptive words and think it's somehow okay to use a vulgar word like this in normal conversation?  I personally have always felt that if you have to use the "F" word or other vulgar words to describe something or to explain how you feel than you are sorely lacking in the command of the English language and you need help.  I just don't understand using this and other words so liberally in front of polite society, children, grandmothers, etc.  There is just no reason for it in my opinion.  Hmmm, am I getting old and out of touch?  I think not, I think that using these vulgar words means you are uneducated and need to go back to school to learn to express yourself, lord knows the English language has a plethora of words to use to describe pretty much any feeling/situation you may encounter - I don't thing the "F" word is one of them. 

Okay with that off my chest and now off my soap box, I wanted to share my patriotic log cabin wall hanging I just finished.

I used the Double Star Toppers Pattern by Folkal Pt.  It also included a 90x90 Bed size pattern as well.  I messed up the center star block by using to scant of a qtr. inch seam and then when I sized it up, it cut the star points off and I was out of red fabric, drat I should have bought more than I needed so I could have remade this block.  Oh well it's just for me and I learned a valuable lesson oh and I just noticed that something is very funky and off in the lower left corner - I think I messed up that block, oy vey, I wasn't paying good attention when I made this evidently.  I will have to remake it someday I think, this just looks bad.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Friday, June 3, 2011

A Year Ago

A year ago yesterday I had my weight loss surgery.  And a year ago today I was waking up to have my leak test to make sure all the new connections had no leaks.  This was done drinking a tiny amount of contrast and x-rays to follow it through the new plumbing.  Luckily, no leaks and I could start drinking water and I was on my way to better health.  A year ago today I had my last shot of insulin and was diabetic free, and off most meds.  Currently I take my advair for asthma and requip for my bad restless legs so I can get to sleep.  I think before surgery I was on 10 prescriptions.  I take a lot of vitamins now, but I did before as well, so not a huge difference in that really, except that I use chewable bariatric vitamins and I must say they don't taste bad, so it's like a tiny treat throughout the day.  I credit my surgery and the 110 pounds loss in helping me recover so quickly from my cancer surgery.  Had I not been in such good shape going into it, I think I'd still be trying to get back on my feet, but today I'm building my body back up on my treadmill and I'm feeling fantastic.  Oh I still have tired days, but hey everybody needs a day now and then to chill, right.  Thought I'd share a picture of my pants before weight loss and my pants now.  And I still want to lose 25 pounds, so I'm not done yet, those pants are gonna get even smaller!!

Happy Stitches and big Hugs,