Saturday, October 29, 2011

What a week..........

It was quite a week, I am back to work and unfortunately it's the slow season at the tanning salon, so I didn't get to see many people.  Kinda bums me out.  I did convince the owners that they could save a half hours pay and open up at 8:30 rather than 8am - no clients till after 8:30 they might as well save on payroll.  So for the winter I'll work 8:30 to Noon.  Just enough to get me up and out of the house and keep my mind off that growing tumor in my bladder and it's removal in January.  I have done a pretty good job of not thinking about it, but it is ever present in the back of my mind.  My family and friends and blog friends have been such a source of strength and support to me, I don't think I could handle it with out ya'll!! 

I also have been going to Physical Therapy for my lower back issues and I have to say it's really helping with my back and to strengthen my left side a lot.  And I even got a massage this week that was to die for, I've never had hot stones with a massage - oh man I highly recommend it!!  My fused finger appears to have a bacterial infection from one of the metal pins in it, so I'm on antibiotics to keep that cleared up until the finger is fully fused and then they will remove the 2 pins.  I see the doc on Nov 9th and am hopeful they can come out soon after.  And my dog gone bursitis was flaring up in a bad way on my right hip, to the point that I couldn't sleep on it again so I got a cortisone shot yesterday.  OUCH, dog gone they hurt when the area is inflamed and sore as heck, but wowzer does it feel better since that shot!!  Guess you just have to take the good with the bad sometimes.

I haven't done much crafting as I've been busy catching up on everything that I didn't get done while I was in North Carolina.  This weekend I intend to get to my sewing room and start creating something, even if it's just a mess, haha.  Although I haven't been crafting, I have to show you a picture of a pillow my good friend (and hairdresser) Julie made for me.  She is such a talent at embroidery, she'll take an idea and then expound on it and what she comes up with is always just beautiful.  She gave me this gorgeous pillow for my birthday and with green being my favorite color, oy vey I just loved it!!

I like to leave my snowmen out all winter long - in hopes they're the only snow I'll see, although my hopes never come true.  I've also purchased another pillow in different colors from Julie to give to a good friend for Christmas.  She made several to sell at a bazaar she participates in along with a couple of her stitching friends.   And I've asked her to make 2 more for the Aunties, although not for Christmas, I'll take them back with me when I go visit again next fall.  I'm pretty sure they will love them.

Right now I've got some Chocolate Chip Pumpkin bars baking in the oven.  It's a splenda recipe and lord do they smell and look good.  If you'd like the recipe, go here.  I have to say it called for a cup of the tiny chocolate chips - I only used a half cup, I didn't want the chocolate to over power the pumpkin flavor.  I love pumpkin and this time of year it's just comforting to smell and eat.

Well not much more going on here.  It's gotten quite chilly, and yet today is almost like spring, however it's a fluke and tomorrow is supposed to be chilly again.  Guess Fall is solidly here and winter is on the way.

Stay Warm, Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Monday, October 24, 2011

Butrscotch and ChanceMan

While we all still miss our little Skeezics very much, Butrscotch has certainly worked his way into our hearts and our home.  He's gotten Chanceman off the couch and running around and playing and has really helped him with his grief.  He's been a constant source of entertainment and made us laugh a lot - kittens just do that.  He's put on a pound since we got him and he's really at home and loving his life.  Here are a few pictures of his silliness and him napping with his big brother:

We sure do love out cats and our dog - they bring us so much joy and love!!

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Back Home

I am back from my trip to North Carolina and I just have to say I had a fabulous time.  The Aunties and I visited and had fun just putzing around.  One of the days I was back there we went to a Bark in the Park event for the Animal Lovers Assistance League that my Aunties volunteer for and talk about fun.  It was a warm day but luckily there was a breeze, cuz this west coast girl gets the vapors when it's humid and sticky out.  When I returned home I had a couple days to rest and then it was off to Spokane for my 3 month cancer check and wouldn't you know there was a small tumor in my bladder again.  At least it was only 1 this time.  So my Doc decided we could wait till my next check in January to do surgery and remove it and what is there now will probably have friends (more tumors), so we'll get them all then and talk about the BCG Chemo Treatments so that I don't continue to go into surgery every 3 months.  And then today I turned 51 years young.  Yep and I'm proud of it, I think when you have cancer you embrace all the birthdays you can get and you cherish ever grey hair and wrinkle because the alternative is just not an alternative!!  And now let me share some pictures:

There was a Halloween costume event at Bark in the Park - I thought this little bumble bee was adorable
And a dog dressed like a jockey - he won best costume and you can see why, it was a great idea!
I loved these costumes best - the great dane was the big bad wolf and the beagles were the 3 little pigs.  You could tell the beagles were just humiliated to be dressed up which made it even funnier!!
My Aunt J's Dog - Gretchen:  She loves to get her hiney scratched and rubbed
Aunt J's Dog Shianna - or Shy, true to her name she is shy but oh so sweet
Aunt S's house - off to the left is Aunt J's house
Aunt S's cat Precious, she was as precious as her name implies and so pretty too.
Aunt S's cat Cuddles, she's getting up there in years but oh how she loves breakfast and dinner time.
And this is Boy, he spends time inside and outside.  He has a blue eye and a green eye and is so sweet.

Well it was an awesome visit and it went by far to fast.  That said I have plans to go back next October and we already have plans of some things to do and see.  I really missed my Aunties and it was so good to see them again and spend quality time.  They are as fun and funny as ever.

I hope you all are enjoying the fall weather, or spring for my Aussie friends.  I'm glad that it's cooled off and I am enjoying seeing the colors of the changing leaves.

Hugs and Happy Stitches!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

North Carolina, Here I Come....

My bags are packed and at 8pm tonight I'm headed east.  First west, in that I fly into Seattle to catch the red eye to Newark, NJ and then south to Norfolk, VA which is the closest airport to the Aunties.  I've got my clothes, the 2 quilts, some knitting, my kindle, homemade cookies and zuc/blueberry bread.  Good grief I hope I don't go over the luggage weight limit!!
Leaving CR and the animals at home, he may want to strangle me when I get back - our kitten is going through the "bouncing off the walls" stage.

See ya in about 10 days.
Happy Stitches and Big Hugs,