Tuesday, September 25, 2012

North Carolina Here I Come!!

Today I leave on the red eye back to North Carolina to visit my Aunties.  To say I'm excited is an understatement.  I can't wait to get there.  I talked to my Aunt Shirley yesterday and she was as excited as I am. 

Cliff is doing better and while we still don't know the extent of the damage from cutting the median nerve (his hand is still so swollen), he's getting along pretty well with only his left hand and should be okay while I am gone.  Our friend Ken has promised to check in with him often and of course I will call him every day, just so I know he's okay.  And our little dog Maddie will keep him on a schedule, her potty, treat, and cheese schedule that is, haha.  He gets his surgical cast off on the 2nd of October and hopefully the cast they put on him for the next two weeks will be smaller and not so heavy.  Poor guys shoulder is aching from the weight of the cast they have on him now.

I am packed and except for a few last minute things, ready to go.  Fall has officially arrived and our trees are losing their leaves at a regular rate now.  I don't know what it is about fall but I think it's my favorite season.  I love the warm days and cool nights, leaves changing, apples and pears.  What I don't like is the shorter daylight hours, I do dread it getting dark earlier and earlier, but you have to take a little bad with all the good things about it.

Our grandson Ben will turn 10 on October 7th - he's in 4th grade and I can't believe how much he has grown.  He's still just adorable to me!!  I have a birthday later in the month and at this point in my life I am grateful for each and every one.  I shall celebrate it and embrace it because with each birthday - cancer is not beating me, I am beating it!!

Take care and I'll catch up with you all in mid-October when I return.
Happy Stitches and Hugs!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Everyone is a little bit better

Just an update.  After surviving Monday, Cliff and I were simply beat on Tuesday.  His arm block has worn off and he's getting more feeling back but we're still not sure about the fingers and what the almost severed nerves damage to them will be.  It's a wait and see.  Meanwhile I got to tired and stressed and I now feel like I might be getting a sore throat, oy vey, right before traveling to North Carolina to see my Aunties.  Lets hope I'm wrong.

I have to work everyday this week, including Sunday, then I'll pack on Monday and I fly on Tuesday, so I'm leaving poor Cliff alone for a couple of weeks to fend for himself and he keeps telling me he'll be fine, but I am worried.  Nothing went as planned with this surgery so everything is a bit more involved than originally thought.  My trip has been planned since May, so I can't cancel or reschedule and I do want to see my Aunts - I only get to see them once a year.

Say a little prayer or send a good vibe that Cliff will be okay while I'm gone, please.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Monday's - Ugh, not the best day of the Week

Let me just start with Monday.  What a rough day we had.  Cliff was scheduled for thumb joint replacement surgery and we had to be at the Surgery Center at 10:30.  We arrived at 10:15 and at 10:30 they called him back and prepped him and since they never called me back, at 11:15 I walked over to my asthma doc's for some supplies.  When I got back they told me to wait in the other waiting room, so I assumed that meant Cliff was back in surgery and would be out soon, since its a 90 minute surgery.  An hour or so later they realized they had the wrong wife waiting, Cliff was still waiting for surgery so they got the right wife and took me to the prep area to be with Cliff.  5 hours after we arrived they finally took him to surgery and 5 hours later we finally went home.  Mind you I didn't take water or a snack or anything with me, assuming it was a 90 minute surgery, not a 10 hour day at the surgery center.  As I waited I started to panic, low blood sugar and dehydration aside, I was getting pretty mad because nobody was telling me what was going on.  When the doc finished, he finally came to talk to me to let me know he has almost completely severed a very important nerve that feeds into the hand.  He was honest and very apologetic, but at this point we don't know if Cliff will lose any function of his right hand or just sensation and be left with numb fingers.  So now we wait and while he's on drugs, my body is trying to recover from a really rough and stressful day that I didn't need right after chemo given how fatigued I still am.  But enough of my whining, I am worried about Cliff.

Now as bad as Monday was for us, we did have a marvelous weekend.  Cliff's brother Doug and Doug's wife Monica, or Mon as I call her, came over for the weekend and to go on the wine tour fathers day present I gave to Cliff.  Our friend Ken also joined us.  We had a marvelous, but all to quick weekend with Doug and Mon.

The Wine Tour:
We started Saturday morning with Mon and I going to Farmers Market to get fresh fruit for brunch.  Ken came up to join us and we had coffee, homemade blueberry muffins, greek yogurt and Gypsy Girl Granola (made locally) and fresh strawberries, golden raspberries and honey crisp apples. 

The Sacco's who did the tour and lunch arrived to pick us up at 11am and so the tour began.

Our first stop was Sleeping Dog Winery, so named for their dog Aurora.  I loved this winery and we loved the wines.  Larry the wine maker really loves what he does and it shows as he talks about the wines and the process while you sample the various wines he makes.  It's a small winery and the tasting room is in their garage.  I sadly didn't take any pictures of Larry or Aurora.

The rest of the wineries I took pictures so here we go:

The 2nd winery was Terra Blanca - this is a view from their walk way into the winery

The winery as you walk up to it

A grape vine covered walk way leading into the winery

the huge and very heavy doors of the Terra Blanca Winery - I estimate they are at least 5 inches thick

a view from their outdoor terrace

the covered out door terrace is where we had a wonderful Italian picnic lunch, which was so delish, esp after all those wine samples.  those samples maybe small, but wow, they catch up with you.

wine grapes

a close up of some cabernet wine grapes, surprisingly sweet, but lots of seeds and a tough skin.  yeah I couldn't resist, I tasted them.  they are currently havesting white wine grapes, the red wine grapes will follow.

the third winery was Hedges Family Estate

Hedges beautiful fountain and view

Five Winos (Mon, Doug, Cliff, Me and Ken) sitting in front of the Hedges winery and fountain.

The next winery and a new favorite of mine is Tapteal on Red Mountain

their basalt column fountain and view

Argus the winery dog - he was chasing a car not long ago and has a broken leg.  He also has a wine named after him "Argus:  Bone Dry White"

Inside Tapteal - that's my brother-in-law Doug enjoying a taste

this painting is in the Tapteal tasting room and I just loved it

a better view of the Tapteal fountain and their view

our very comfortable ride for the day

the back door of our ride - this is where precious cargo is stored - the WINE purchases!!

Last stop was Kiona Winery, with a lovely view of the grapes

More view from Kiona Winery

one last shot
I don't know if you can tell from the pictures, but the horizon is very hazy due to several fires on the east side of our state (Washington).

We ended our day with a BBQ at our house.  We had tri-tip beef, tomato/avocado/argula salad, pasta salad, asiago cheese bread and for dessert we had my dark chocolate cake with a delicious port wine.

We were all so tired that we all headed to bed around 9pm and passed out.

Currently I'm playing catch up and baking cookies that I was going to bake yesterday to take back to the Aunties.  This time next week I will be on my way to North Carolina and leaving Cliff and the fur babies to fend for themselves. 

I won't be around much so ---------- Happy Stitches and Hugs, I'll catch up with you in Mid October.


Monday, September 10, 2012

Fun and Feeling Good

As I posted on Sunday I wanted to make pillow cases for our bed and to match Tori's quilt that is at the quilters (I'm so excited to see it done).  So I got to work, well play actually and here are the results:

I only had enough left over fabric to make one pillowcase with the tiffany blue as the main part of the pillow case for Tori.

I made 2 of these pillowcases with just a touch of the tiffany blue and some of the black and white used in the quilt.

And of course the new pillow cases for our bed, so soft and pretty.
While I was putting the pillowcases on our pillows I noticed to lazy boys enjoying some late summer sun:
Chanceman is looking at me like - hey the kid is snoring, can you make him stop.

Then they both "heard something" - oh goodness do we hear a can opener.
And don't forget the princess of the house.  Miss Madison just got her last summer shave and will be growing her hair out for the winter.

I forgot to mention in Sunday's post how touched I am at all the wonderful comments I got when I posted how tough Chemo has been.  I can't express enough how much it meant to me to hear your words and feel the love and prayer you send up for me.  Thank you all for that, I really needed it more than you can know!!

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Chemo is done till December, whoohoo!!

Thankfully these last 2 chemo treatments haven't been as bad as the first, it's Sunday and I'm feeling much better, although fatigued which seems to be my normal since this all began.

Lots going on around the house.  Been dusting and washing doilies and table runners and quilts, just a really good sprucing up.  This week I'll clean bathrooms and the kitchen like I normally do and then Doug and Mon will be there for the weekend, hooray.  We are taking the wine tour that was CR's fathers day present this year.  And just enjoying each others company.

I got busy last Sunday and Monday in my sewing room:

A new cross body purse for my trip to NC later this month

Another new cross body purse just because I had and love the fabric, sadly it's stuffed full of all the crap I carry, haha

And I went to work on my block of the Month blocks - almost done.
 This weekend I haven't done much really.  Lots of naps and resting from the last chemo treatment on Friday.  However I feel good today so I'm going to make some pillow cases and finish my blocks of the month.

Pillow cases for our bed - well the material I'm using that is.

Going to make some pillow cases for Tori that will match her quilt.
Other than that I'm going to take it easy again today, seems as if I run out of steam all to quickly lately.  Its a sunny day out, but very windy.  We can feel and smell fall in the air.  I think Fall is my favorite season, so I really look forward to it each year.  I love the changing leaves, the warm days and cool nights, pumpkins, etc.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend, until next time...............
Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Chemo's Kicking my Butt

Boy wouldn't I love to post that chemo is a breeze and I only have one more to go.  The only one more treatment to go is true, but dog gone the first one darn near did me in.  I was so sick with fluish symptoms this past week I really wanted to curl up and hide.  I call it the chemo flu.  Your immune system goes into overdrive and you get a swift kick in the butt from it.  This week is pleasantly mild.  Friday and Saturday were rough, but today I'm feeling pretty good.  It's just so unpredictable, you prepare for the worst and enjoy it if it's mild.

Despite feeling like crap yesterday I am so tired of feeling like this that I decided to so something rather than nothing.  So we got up, went to breakfast, then to farmers market and then came home so I could rest, but I didn't really rest.  Nope, I got busy and made 3 batches of Zuc/Blueberry bread and a peach cobbler for CR.  I fixed a bunch of berries I picked up for our breakfast this morning too.  But then I hit a wall and a long nap was in order, followed by 12 hours of sleep.  Good grief, 12 hours of sleep is so much, but yet I feel better for it.  It's amazing the fatigue that is caused by all of this.

So here are a few pictures to share, nothing much, but enjoy:

Strawberries, Raspberries and Blackberries - Yummy!!

Peaches that will hopefully soften up in the next day or two for some delish eating!!

Zuc/Blueberry Bread - oh and it is delish.  Made 24 cupcake too for my Urologist office - I always take them something yummy at the end of my treatments.  They enjoy it and I love to bake so its' a win/win!!

Scotchie says it's a lazy Sunday and he needs coffee, haha

Chancman is feeling lazy too and is snuggling to my lap quilt - with cats any quilt you have/make is never your own is it?

Maddie is under the curio cabinet - this is her "do not disturb" place where she chills out when she wants alone time.
Today I plan to finish my quilt top - peacock wall hanging quilt.  And to put together my first block of the month blocks.  Hopefully I'll have pics to share on Monday!!

Hope you all are enjoying the long weekend here in the States - Labor Day.  I'm glad to have the extra day off after such a rough week that despite how I felt I continued to work anyhow.

Only one more treatment and then I'm done till November and as I keep telling myself - it's keeping me TUMOR FREE and so it's worth it in the long run!!

Happy Stitches and Hugs,