Monday, October 29, 2012

Getting There

Well I've caught up on my blog reading - finally.  And I worked a shorter day today which was wonderful, I actually have had time to get more things done than normal and tomorrow I don't work, so I think I'll be sewing and having a fun day.  I think this 3 day a week schedule will be just right for me.

CR and I went wine tasting with our friends Cathy and Bob yesterday.  We had a great time and the one winery in particular had the best wines - I mean every wine we tried was absolutely delicious.  So we joined their wine club.

It's been almost to warm here today.  Last week it was damp and chilly and then today it's 70 degrees and I put my capri's away - think I'll have to drag the out for wearing a little while longer.  I was working away at the tanning salon today and about died I was so hot.

Thought I'd share some more pictures from North Carolina.  These are of the old Episcopal Cemetery in Edenton, NC with graves dating back to the 1800's.  I love old cemeteries, they fascinate me.  And since it's almost Halloween, well, why not share a few grave stones.  It was interesting to me that some graves were above ground.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Playing Catch Up

After being gone so long to North Carolina, then coming home sick and with vertigo, I feel like I'll never get caught up.  I am behind in my blog reading and behind in getting posts done and behind in house work, lord I am just so behind.

The good news is I'm catching up a bit and starting this week I will be working less.  The idea of working was to just work a couple days a week to get me out of the house and doing something rather than sitting at home in pj's and blue about having cancer.  Well the job has taken over, or at least it feels that way so starting this week I will work Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday 9am to 2pm.  That's just 15 hours a week and way more do-able for me.  It's time to focus on my exercise program and getting back to it and just taking care of myself now that the worst of the fatigue is past and I have a bit more energy.  I'm rather excited about getting myself and my life back in sync with my goals.

As promised I'm going to share some more pictures from my North Carolina trip, hope you enjoy them!!

The Nicholson House - we were supposed to have lunch there, unfortunately it was closed.  Hopefully next time and I hear they have an awesome gift shop too!!

Side building at the Nicholson House

Sign for the Nicholson house, built in 1892, Belvedere NC

Just down the road from the Nicholson House is a true Country Store.

Loved the fall decorations at the store - so many people decorate for fall in NC and I just love it!!

The Country Stores main counter

Cool decor at the Country Store

The Butcher Counter at the country store.  Now this fascinated me.  I know the top row is cured hams, but I have no idea what else is hanging and cured on that wall, never seen anything like that.  They also sell brains and a lot of other animal parts most of us have never purchased or eaten for that matter.  It was a TRUE Country Store.
Well we are off to do some wine tasting with some friends on this blustery Sunday.  Should be fun.  So more pictures soon I promise.  Until then............................

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Vertigo is Gone!

I am happy to report that after 48 long hours of not moving my head and basically told to sit and watch tv or read, but nothing else, my vertigo is cured.  And I can move again, thankfully, I about went nuts.

Before I go back to sharing North Carolina pictures I wanted to share some other things:

This beautiful wooden box was sent to my from my wonderful Brother&Sister-in-law - Doug and Monica.  We saw these boxes at the Poulsbo Farmers Market and I thought they were beautiful, now I have one of my own to treasure!  What a fabulous Birthday present!!

Hubby gave me this along with the quilt binding attachment and roller/winder thing to make putting bindings on my quilt a cinch - and no more burning my fingers trying to press my bindings - yippee!!

My Friend and Professional Quilter - Ginny finished Tori's quilt.  She used a thread that matches the tiffany blue fabric and she did a fabulous job.  I'm am so thrilled with it and can't wait to get it to Tori!!

An up close picture of the quilting.

And finally - I always make my own birthday cake, CR doesn't bake, go figure.  So this year I opted to make a sour cream apple pie.  We tried a little sliver right out of the oven, oh slap me, it was so delish!!
It's so great to be able to move and not be dizzy.  Now I need to get back in my sewing room and back to the projects I had going before I left for North Carolina and also post more pictures of my trip.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Saturday, October 20, 2012

We interrupt your Birthday for a Vertigo Treatment

I've been meaning all week to post more pictures of my NC trip, but thanks to Vertigo, I haven't been on on the computer very much.

Yesterday I went to a physical therapist who specializes in Epley Maneuvers to treat Benign Positional Vertigo.  It's when a piece of calcium or something in the ear breaks off and gets into the wrong canal, so these maneuvers correct it and put it back where it's supposed to be - or something like that.  It's all to technical when your to dizzy to care.  I thought I'd just go through the evaluation and then they'd schedule me for the treatment, but since I'd had it 4 years ago and it was the right ear yet again, he decided to do a couple of quick tests and then treat me right then and there.  I was grateful and yet bummed.  You see Friday was my birthday and we had plans, but when you have this treatment you have to be very still, not move your head, no bending down, no driving, no quick movements - basically you can sit and read or watch TV for 48 very long hours.  Heck you can't sleep in bed for fear of rolling on your right side - so I slept on the recliner last night and will again tonight.  UGH!!  So we went to lunch for my birthday then came home for me to sit and be still.

I promise I have some great stuff to share with you once I can move my head at 11am on Sunday.  Until then I must behave and pray that the one treatment is all it will take to cure the vertigo.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Back Home

It's so good to be back home.  CR and the fur babies missed me a lot.  I had a great trip and a good visit with my Aunties despite having to go to the emergency clinic 3 days after I arrived with a bad sinus and ear infection.  I wish I could tell you I was well, but after 10 days of antibiotics I am still suffering from dizziness and a stuffed head.  I see my doctor on Monday and hope that we can get this fixed because being dizzy is the worst.

The first few days back there we just stayed around Aunties house as she was having a new bathtub installed and it was a 2 day process.  The original bath tub that came with her modular home had a crack in it.  My Aunt is a tiny woman so we figured that it was there all along.  ReBath did a fantastic job and her new tub is beautiful.  This same Aunt suffers from a rare blood disorder and they are still trying to get her medicines at the right levels, so she wasn't feeling the best while I was back there.  They also had a heat wave from hell with more humidity than anyone should have to deal with - can you tell I'm a wimp when it comes to humidity.  Lord I can only say I had the "vapors" for several days and wanted to fan myself and drink mint juleps and move as little as possible.  Thank god for air conditioning.

We did do some fun things despite the heat and one of the best things we did was travel 30 miles south to a town called Edenton, North Carolina.  It's on the sound and the Roanoke River and it is a beautiful and very historic Southern Town.  Many of the homes date back to the 1700's and they even had their own tea party revolt organized by the women of the area.  I just fell in love with the town and one of my Aunties friends, Ruth went with us and even took us to a friend of hers home that was built in the mid-1700's - the Greenfield Plantation.  The home owner - Virginia was gracious enough to show us around and tell us about the home.

I have a lot of pictures so I think I'll just share some of them each day for a while and try to describe what they are.  I hope you enjoy them.

One of the old and beautiful homes in Edenton

Another old home

from across the sound - the cannons and beautiful old homes.  this town was a major player in the revolutionary war as well as well as the civil war due to the water access.

The Roanoke River Lighthouse - it was moved this summer from the middle of the river to rest closer to town to protect and preserve it.

a quilt in the Barker house, home of Penolope Barker who began the tea party in Edenton with a letter to England about the high taxes, etc

The Cupola House - built in 1757

The old bank building

Ruth, Aunt Shirley and Aunt Jean outside Bistro 309 where we had a delicious lunch that day

A closer look at the cannons that guarded the water front

The Tea Cup in the old town square to commemorate the Edenton Tea Party

The old Courthouse built in 1767 and one of the oldest courthouses in NC.  A few decades ago they decided to turn the steps into the courthouse as the current steps were so worn in the middle, only to find that at some point, many years before,  the steps had been turned for the same reason.

looking out at the sound from the old courthouse

the Greenfield Plantation

The Greenfield Plantation - dates back to 1748.  As we toured the house the owner - Virginia told us what was added on to the back of the house and the years of the additions.  It was so beautiful and fascinating to hear about.

From L to R:  Aunt Shirley, Aunt Jean, Virginia - the plantation owner and her dog Twinkles, and Ruth.  Virginia and Ruth have been friends since childhood.

Out back of the plantation is the old school house.
I've got a lot more pictures to share and will do so in the coming days.  Hope you all have been happy and well.  Fall is definitely here, time to put my shorts away and bring out the warmer clothing.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,