Sunday, January 29, 2012

Can't believe I forgot this

I totally forgot to share the Christmas present the kids gave me when we were up in Spokane a couple of weeks ago.
It's a picture of Ben right after the kids had picked up their new black lab pup Scout.  Ben is our Grandson and quite adorable if you ask this Grandma, even if at 9 he probably doesn't want to be called adorable.  The kids have a friend - Alycia, who puts these gorgeous necklaces together.  She is quite the photographer and puts some of her unique photos on necklaces as well as taking custom orders.  I plan to get a necklace with my dog on it in the near future.  Please check out her work, it is amazing and beautiful - even the way she displays and photographs her necklaces is amazing.  You can find her website HERE.  Well I have a Bust Your Buttons Butter cake in the oven to take to the kids and I had better stop procrastinating and pack for the next few days.  At least I won't need makeup this trip!!

Happy Stitches and hugs,

Friday, January 27, 2012

Longing for Spring

Do you ever just reach a point where you are sick to death of having to wear a coat.  I do, and I'm at that point with several more weeks of winter to go.  I think in part, I crave sunshine and mild weather and about this time of year you feel like winter will never arrive.

We leave in a couple of days for Spokane and surgery to remove my nasty tumors.  I've been an emotional wreck and rather quiet - which isn't like me, but I am a person who needs to go into myself at times like this and reflect.  Doing things I love like knitting and quilting and baking really help and I've been doing a lot of all three.

The owner of the tanning salon I work at has always encouraged me to put some of my handy work in the salon to sell, so recently I've been knitting up this fast and fun scarves, they're light weight and not for warmth, but very cute.  So I'm selling them for $20.00 each and I honestly didn't think any one would buy them, well the first day I put them out at the salon I sold 2 right off the bat.  I was shocked and very pleased that someone liked them.

My wonderful friend Mary has been so good to me and caring about how I'm feeling, she is always sending me PGV (positive good vibes).  Well the other day she brought me in this wonderful card and beautiful necklace and earrings (I love crosses) as a PGV Charm.  Wear it and it will bring you all those good vibes she said.  I'm wearing it today.
Then out of the blue my good friend Cathy showed up this morning with a bag of fun goodies to enjoy and she hoped they'd put a smile on my face given all that I've been feeling of late.  Beautiful note cards that say Believe, a journal, some yummy dark chocolate covered pretzels and some green tea hand soap - oh and something else that we'll get to in a minute.  I also got a couple cards from friends today as well.  Man I feel so loved and blessed.  Not just for the gifts and cards, but for the love and the prayers that everyone is sending my way.  And the positive good vibes!!
I wanted to show you my Grandmothers beautiful diamond ring that my Aunties gave me last October when I was visiting them.  I finally got it sized and it is gorgeous.  Of course my ugly, arthritic, man hands don't do it justice.  But I love wearing it and am thrilled to have it.

And one more gift from my friend Cathy - this car air freshener that made me laugh out loud.  Haven't we all had a situation or two in which this might be the case.  And if you haven't then, well, you haven't lived, haha. 

I won't be posting till later next week, so until then............

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Let it Snow

Unfortunately our trip to Spokane was timed for the first big storm of the winter for our area.  But the trip couldn't be postponed as I had my 3 month check and I unfortunately have more tumors.  I wasn't surprised, I actually expected it, it is a very invasive cancer.  So we have scheduled surgery to remove the tumors on the 31st of the month and then my Urologist agreed it is time to start the BCG Chemo treatments.  I will have to heal for a few weeks after surgery and then we will begin the chemo.  I'm feeling rather down today even though we have a path forward with it all, I think it's just the stress and the waiting to find out that puts your body into a funk after it's done.

Our drive homes wasn't as bad as we thought it would be with all the snow until we got about an hour north of our home and then it was slick and crappy.  Today has been a steady dose of fine snow and freezing rain.  And I think tomorrow is to be more of the same.

So here are a few pictures taken from inside our house of the winter wonderland.  I just hope the city gets busy and starts to sand, salt or whatever - the slick and messy roads.  It's a zoo out there of bad drivers, scared drivers, idiot drivers.  Oy Vey!!

My StepDaughter loved her shawl so that was the bright spot in our trip.  I'm so glad she was happy with it and will be able to use it.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Knitting Finish

I'm so excited to share this picture - I finished the fan and feather shawl I made for my Step-Daughter.  I will be giving it to her on Monday when we go spend a few days with them to celebrate a late Christmas and I have my 3 month Urology -bladder check.  We already know there is a tumor, so we'll see what else has grown and then schedule surgery to remove those bad boys!!

Fan and Feather Shawl, using Simplicity Yarn by HiKoo - Merino Superwash Wool

Ah the cat approves of the shawl - isn't he so cute.

Hooray - Mom is done with that project - now she better give me so attention and fix some popcorn for us to share!!  And she better snuggle with me, I need some mommy/doggy time, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

The felines chilling out on a cold day together, they're so cute - I just love them both so much!!

Tomorrow I bake cookies for Ben our Grandson and get our stuff together and we'll be outta here after I get off work on Monday.  It's supposed to snow, so I'm hoping it's not much and the roads are clear for us.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Mary

Today is my very special friend Mary's Birthday.  It's a big one, but I won't tell on her which big one.  Mary is just the sweetest lady in the world and she is such a great friend to me.  We are alike and yet different and we enjoy each others company to the fullest.  We can talk for hours and it feels as if it's only minutes.  She's one of a kind.  I've already given her a birthday gift, but I felt she needed a cake to fully celebrate the occasion.  So I made her a chocolate chip pound cake with a dark chocolate glaze.  I think she'll be pleased.

Happy Birthday Mary, Love ya girl!!

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Working Feverishly

I have been working feverishly on a shawl for my wonderful Step-Daughter.  She and her family do civil war re-enacting and she mentioned that when I got to a point in my knitting that I felt I could do a shawl she'd like to get me to make her one.  So I bought some gorgeous washable wool in late November and set about making her a fan and feather shawl in a charcoal grey (trying to stay in a color shade for the civil war era).  Anyhow I had 10 balls of yarn and I only have 4 left.  I need to have it done by the 16th of this month when we will celebrate Christmas with them and when I see my urologist next.  I am really feeling the pressure and yet I had a lot of stops and starts with getting sick, Christmas, etc and still I only have 4 balls of yarn left to do.  I've timed myself and when all is said and done I'll have about 55 hours of work into it.  Lord I hope she likes it, if not I'll keep it as I think it's beautiful.  So here it is, I'll post a picture when it's done too.

Just wondering when you knit or quilt or do any craft project, do you put not only love and care into it but wishes for the person whom it is for to have happiness and to feel surrounded with the love you are putting into it.  Guess I might be weird, but I try to silently do that when I am making something for someone as it truly is a gift from my heart.

This is my first really large knitting endeavor and while I'm a slow knitter, I really like how it's turning out.  Once I'm done with this I can get to some quilting - I need to quilt my tablecloth and get started on my good friend/sister Robyn's quilt.  So many exciting projects on the horizon!!

Happy Stitches and hugs,

Monday, January 2, 2012

A Great Way to Spend the Afternoon

I worked this morning, then came home and spent the afternoon sewing.  Cliff loved the quilted tablecloth that I made for Christmas several years ago and wanted one for the table for the rest of the year.  So I thought about it, found the perfect material - Moda Circa 1934 and got busy this afternoon and put the top together:
I just love it and it was such a fun afternoon to sew away while CR watched the Rose Bowl.  CR just told me he loved it and thought it was very pretty.  SCORE!!!

On a sad note, this morning CR heard a crash against the window and went to see what it was, sadly it was a beautiful male quail who'd for some reason flown into the window and we think broke his neck.  We LOVE the quail and it saddened us so much that this poor guy lost his life.  He was probably spooked and that was it.

Because I love quail so much CR left him on the deck so I could see him up close as I've never seen one this close and I took some pictures of this amazing bird.  Then CR buried him out back on our property where we have bushes growing for the quail to provide cover for them.  So here are the pictures of the Quail:

So beautiful and so sad. 

What did you do for your New Year Holiday??  Anything fun and exciting?  Ours was quiet and just hanging around home. 

Happy New Year and Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Sunday, January 1, 2012


I'm not one to make resolutions, how about you??  For me I prefer to make plans and try to accomplish them.  This year my plan is pretty simple, get this dog gone cancer under control and have as much fun as possible.  And also to be healthy as well, I believe that will help me in my fight with cancer.  I plan to fly fish, visit my Aunties in the Fall, visit my good friend Robyn in the spring and make her sweet daughter a quilt for her high school graduation.  It's all about enjoying and savoring the good things in life that we sometimes get to busy to recognize.

Did you make it till Midnight to ring in the New Year??  I didn't.  At 9pm I was beat, I said to CR that it was midnight on the east coast, Happy New Year, gave him a kiss and the dog and I went to bed.  We are a wild household - I think CR wasn't far behind me in going to bed.

That said, the little man of the house was all about - hey, lets stay up and party, we can't go to bed yet.  He is so funny and so full of it.  It's rather fun to have a kitten in the house again.  But we do miss our sweet Skeezics and so does his brother Chanceman.  Chance and Butrscotch get along well and play well, but there just isn't the connection that he had with Skeezics, he's become reclusive and not as social as he once was.  I hope that changes with time.

Well Happy New Year and Big Hugs and a big Thank-you for stopping by and seeing what I've been up to this past year!!