Saturday, March 31, 2012

We Should Be Celebrating, but

Yesterday was my last round of Chemo until May.  Whoohoo, right, unfortunately the whoohoo was overshadowed by the news my beloved hubby received.  He is going to the same Urologist I am going to so this past Friday was his 3 month check up.  In 2008 he was diagnosed with a very agressive form of prostate cancer and went through hormone therapy, radiation, and radiation seed implants.  The hormone therapy lasted for 2 years and basically shut down the production of testosterone which is what feeds his cancer.  At that point it was a wait and see what the PSA did as it came back after all of his treatments.  Well the PSA is doubling way to quickly and is way to high for the comfort of our doctor, even though by normal standards it's not high for someone who hasn't had this cancer.  So on April 11th, CR will have a cat scan and an bone scan to see if the cancer has spread, then they will begin agressively treating the rising PSA with hormone therapy again.  There are a few other options as well, but until we know if it's spread, we can't really make any decisions.

Right now we should be happy and relieved that my treatment is complete and enjoying life for a few weeks, but instead we are on pins and needles and worried and apprehensive and emotional.  Even our animals know something is really wrong and have been sticking to us like glue.

We are a strong team and we will deal with this, but after one heck of a year with my cancer to be going down this road for CR, it just doesn't seem fair, it just feels like we got kicked in the gut again and we are powerless to stop it all and get off this crazy train ride.

I'm so tired of bad news - have you ever felt that way, as if nothing you have to share is of interest, certainly it's not happy stuff.  I live for the mundane day to day sort of stuff back in our lives and not having to be constantly aware of CANCER - lord I hate that word.

I did get a few very cute pictures this last week of Butrscotch and Chanceman enjoying the sun coming in the window and chilling out together.

I hope this finds you all happy and healthy and enjoying more spring like weather than we are getting.  It's rain, rain, and more rain for us this weekend.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Sunday, March 25, 2012

One More To GO!!

Not much of a post today except to say that I only have one more chemo treatment to go and I'd like to do the happy dance if my bladder wasn't in such a bad mood this time around.  The 5th treatment has hit me hard, but hey, while Cancer sucks big time, it's put a lot of things into perspective too and whats a few bad days when a lot of better days are on the way, right!!

Gonna try to get into my sewing room today, still really tired and not sure I'm up to it, but we'll see.  So tired of sitting around feeling tired and nauseous.  I reach a point where I try to pretend these things aren't happening, and some days I'm more successful at ignoring it than others.

I've not been very good at visiting my favorite blogs lately either, for that I feel bad as I love to see what everyone is up to and read about your lives.  Soon I'll get caught up, I'm sure of it.

My Auntie Shirley's birthday was yesterday and we had a wonderful conversation after I sang to her -poor Auntie having to listen to me sing, haha.

Happy Stitches and Big Hugs,

Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary CR.  It's been 26 good years and I'd do it all over again with you by my side.  I love you Honey!!


Sunday, March 18, 2012

4 Done, 2 more to go..................

This Friday I completed my 4th chemo treatment and only have 2 more to go, Hooray!!  I'll be so glad when this month is over and I can get back to having fun weekends again.

This week I got my Aunties necklaces in the mail from Alycia, and promptly mailed them off to the Aunties.  I'm so excited for them to get the package.  Alycia took a few photos that I had taken from my visit last October of their pets and let me tell you the pictures weren't that great and made these adorable necklaces.  She does all sorts of really cool things with pictures - check her out if you get a chance, when you send her a picture, it's one of a kind jewelery and so special.  LexiLou Jewels - click here.

Then the other night Madison was laying on the couch in her favorite pose and it cracks me up so I took a picture.

And then Butrscotch - or Scotchie as we call him, he's almost a year old and as wild as ever, and so funny.  He's a busy boy who loves his toy mice and catnip toys and running through the house chasing Chanceman and oh does he love treats - he steals Chance's treats if he can get away with it.  He's been a great addition to the family.

I'm working on a lap quilt for myself and got the blocks partially put together yesterday.  Have to bake cookies for our grandson today, might get in some more sewing if there is energy enough left.  I'm fighting fatigue lately, so I just have to listen to my body. 

Hope you all are doing well and having fun.
Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Monday, March 12, 2012

Quilt Top Finish

I'm excited to finally share something.  I've been making a quilt for my good friend Robyn and this weekend I finished the quilt top.

I just sent her a picture of it and I hope she likes it.  I used Eleanor Burns Tossed Nine-Patch pattern.  It's a fun and easy pattern and it looks great I think.

It was another rough weekend, it seems that with each treatment I hurt more and have more issues.  Right now I'm having fatigue issues, everything else has cleared up.  I have to say I want my energy back.  Yesterday was a year ago that my cancer was discovered.  This weekend - on the 18th, it will be a year that they removed my kidney and this roller coaster began.  I do feel blessed to have a wonderful and supportive hubby who takes such good care of me.  I don't know if I would have handled it so well if not for him.  And of course all my family and friend and their prayers and good vibes.

Just a few minutes ago I received CR's anniversary gift to me via UPS and I'm so excited to use it:

Our Anniversary - 26 years to be exact (28 if you count living together) is March 19th.  It wasn't much fun last year, I was just out of surgery and all drugged up, drooling in my jello, haha.  Wish I could tell you we had some big plans this year, but with my chemo treatments and the side effects, best to wait and do something in April or May I think.

Well time to rest some and then fix dinner in a while.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sometimes there just isn't much to write about.....

Things have been so boring around here and I just haven't been doing much.  So what to write about, oy vey.  Last week I completed my second of six chemo treatments and lord it hit me hard.  My bladder was in a snit that wasn't even funny.  And when it gets in a snit, it's painful.  It spasms, it makes life very difficult for a gal who drinks a ton of water.  And a good thing I do drink a lot, I've heard it can be worse if you don't hydrate.  I just have to say I was really hoping for no issues, guess I need to suffer for my cause. 

So I work at the tanning salon Monday through Thursday in the mornings.  Then I come home and get on the treadmill (trying to get back to exercise and get stronger).  On Wednesdays I clean house, and on Thursdays I grocery shop.  All in anticipation that I won't be doing much from Friday to Sunday.  Luckily by Sunday I've felt good enough to get into my sewing room and I've put blocks together for a quilt I'm making for a friend, but the top isn't assembled, so I've got nothing to show you.  Boo!!

So the other day it occurred to me you all might find it cute to see Madison in action.  You see every evening around 5:30, she starts pacing for cheese - yep, my dog is addicted to cheese and gets very impatient if she doesn't get it by the allotted time.

So here she is sharing cheese with her Dad:

And then there are my boys:  ChanceMan and Butrscotch (Scotchie for short) - Scotchie is 10 months old and has really grown.
And one last picture of Maddie - she has that satisfied, I just had some white cheddar cheese look on her face.  Did I mention she likes the "good" stuff, no american cheese for this dog.  Give her gruyere, gouda, cheddar, etc and that makes her happiest.

Maybe by the end of the weekend I'll have a quilt top to show you.
Until then, this Friday is treatment number 3 and I'm half way through it all, hooray.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,