Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Homemade Doggy Biscuits

It's kinda nice being home and I was feeling better yesterday so I decided to bake, but not for people this time, for my doggy!!

I found a recipe for all natural peanut butter dog biscuits.  They're really simple to make:  peanut butter, quick oats, whole wheat flour, and hot water.

You roll them out and use a cookie cutter for the shape.  I bought a dog bone a couple of weeks ago just for this task.

Well Madison LOVES them, so I'm a good Dog Mom!!

Today's agenda - sewing and sitting in my wonderful new chair to do it!!

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Monday, February 25, 2013

New Chair

CR and I went to Costco yesterday, and I got a new chair for my sewing room.

It has great back support and the arms flip up so they're out of the way when I don't need them.  I just love this chair. 

Most of you who know me, know that Sundays are no makeup, minimal hair styling, stay at home and wear pajama pants kinda days.  However when CR mentioned going to get this chair, I was all put together and ready.  It wasn't so easy making my way through Costco with this darn boot on, but it was worth it.  And then we had frozen yogurt too.  What a day!!

Hoping to get to some quilting of those two table toppers I posted about recently, I need to get them done and bind them and move onto other projects.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Sunday, February 24, 2013


Round 1 of my chemo treatments is done and I've gotten through the worst of it.  The boot for my ankle is annoying me, but the ankle is feeling better and the swelling is down, so I should behave and not complain to much.  The boss saw my facebook posting about the boot and decided they would have someone work my shift for me this week.  Which I think is a good idea, I'm not sure I can run like I do in that busy tanning salon with this darn boot on.  I may be taking the next 4 to 6 weeks off because of it.  CR likes that idea, he'd rather I not work and truly I only work so I can get out of the house a bit and be around people.  For the most part it is a fun job and I do enjoy the regular customers.

Question - has anyone gone from a 2 column blog to a 3 column blog??  I'm thinking about doing that, but I'd like a heads up on how easy or difficult it is.  Any advice would  be greatly appreciated.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Do You Ever Trip on Air??

Do you ever trip on, well nothing, air, you're walking along and all of a sudden you trip, but there is nothing there.  I call it tripping on air.  I'm a klutz, it happens a lot, I try to pretend all is well - who me -  trip, I meant to do that, haha.  Followed by a sheepish look on my face.

Well whatever I did and let me tell you it happens often enough I can't tell you for sure what/when I did it, but about 3 weeks ago my ankle swelled and it ached like you can't believe.  I tried ignoring it, icing it, etc..................Nothing worked, darn thing just hurt non-stop and stayed swollen.  So I finally decided to have it looked at.  I probably should have done that sooner, but why commit, it might have been nothing, right!!

Well I messed up the tendon and the remedy - a lovely boot for 4 to 6 weeks.  My new left shoe:

Oh what a fashion statement, huh.  At least it's not summer so it won't be hot and annoying.  Okay it might be annoying, but I need my ankle to be well and stop hurting.  After all with summer comes fly fishing and I can't have a bad ankle and walk in the river.

Best news is - it's not the foot that drives the sewing machine!!

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Our little Scotchie, or toot toot as I sometimes call him, loves to relax and there's no better place than his big guy's lap while his big guy is on the computer.  His reclining positions often crack us both up.  So we dedicate this post to Scotchie, who loves belly rubs, catnip mice, making his catnip mice swim in the toilet or water bowl, watching squirrels & birds and lets not forget his beloved tuna treats or any treat for that matter.  He's quite the little man and full of mischief!!

Oh how I love those adorable pink cat paw pads!!
CR and I celebrated his birthday yesterday by going out to a restaurant that we really enjoy.  And because it was his birthday, he got to pick one of their deserts.  He chose the sticky chocolate chip cookie:

It was a good sticky cookie with ice cream and whip cream and chocolate and carmel drizzle.  Not a bad way to end a good meal and celebration.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Some Sewing

As promised, I got in my sewing room yesterday and put a couple of small things together.  A couple of table toppers that will be going to family members, one just because and one for a birthday in June.

Today is CR's Birthday so I might not get much sewing done.  I need to quilt these and bind them, but I also need to do a bit of house keeping - UGH!!

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Monday, February 18, 2013

Unsalted Butter

The other day I posted how I baked 3 types of cookies.  Well what I didn't admit to was I bought unsalted butter, by mistake.  So since I had 2 pounds of unsalted butter and left over buttermilk from another recipe, I decided to make buttermilk scones.

CR loves my buttermilk scones warmed up with butter and jam.  And since his birthday is tomorrow, Tuesday, Feb 19th, I also baked a Dark Chocolate Flourless Torte:

I served him a piece last night with raspberries and he loved it.  Men love chocolate too!!  Sadly it was supposed to be baked in a spring form pan.  I thought I had one, but I couldn't find it anywhere.  So it's a mystery - do I have one, or did I give it away, or is it put away so well that I won't find it for another year, haha.

And lastly I woke up early this morning to see a beautiful sunrise.  I snapped a picture through the window, so sadly the flash made a big white spot in the picture.  I didn't want to wake everyone in the house by going outside to take the picture.

I'm still off work for today and tomorrow.  I got news this morning that we actually got a washing machine, so I guess that's good news.  It's used and when they've purchased used machines for the other 2 salons they own those don't work so well.  It's any guess if this is a dud or not, it was filthy so they were cleaning it before it could be used. 

So today I'm going to do some sewing and continue relaxing and enjoying a very nice long weekend.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Trip to Trader Joes and.........................

It's such a bright and sunny day here.  Spring is definitely on the way with our temps being in the mid to high 50's even. 

But that's not the real story here, nope the real story is that I had my check up on Friday and I'm so pleased to announce:  I AM TUMOR FREE!!  And I've been tumor free for a year now!!  I'll start my chemo this coming Friday for 3 weeks and then I won't be getting my 3 month checkups with chemo anymore, nope, I will be going to 6 month checkups with 3 weeks of chemo.  How exciting is that.  After I finish my 3 weeks of treatments, I won't see a doctor again till August.  Can you feel my excitement and happiness!!  I've been walking on air for several days now.  Making it a year tumor free is such a milestone.  I've had 2 really tough years and now, well I feel I'm coming out of the fog, feeling better and stronger both physically and mentally and ready to jump into life again.

We met up with the kids and our grandson for dinner and a celebration Friday evening and spent the night at their house.  It was a great way to celebrate some really good news.

We also made a quick stop at Trader Joe's, where I scored some goodies:

I bought 7 bags of the trader joe's lightly salted green beans for my massage therapist, some tea and crackers for me.

My friend Robyn sent me some of the Ginger Pear White tea and I am addicted to it.  I like to brew it warm and then pour it over ice, it makes a great iced tea as well as a good hot tea!!  I also saw this pomegranate white tea, so I bought on box to see what it was like.

And my favorite crackers.  Oh how I LOVE these dog gone things.  They are the bomb diggity.  Try them if you have a trader joe's near by!!

Today I'm going to be in the kitchen baking scones and a flour less dark chocolate torte.  CR's birthday is on the 19th so we have a lot of celebrating to do.  I am only working Wednesday's and Thursday's for the next several weeks.  That will be good as the salon is so busy and it's hard on my arthritic parts.  Also I have chemo on Fridays and I'm finding that I need a bit more time to recover so it's wise to take more time to myself.

The owners waited till Friday for the part to fix the washing machine at the salon, and guess what, it didn't fix it.  We are still without a washing machine and supposedly they will be buying a new one.  How long do you think that will take.  I'm very frustrated when I don't have the tools to do my job well and when they don't respond to issues with customers and I find myself apologizing for them.  I think it may be time to look for something else that is fun to do.  CR wants me to quit and I'm beginning to see why.

I wish I had some sewing to show you, but alas my sewing room has been very quiet lately.  I plan to remedy that tomorrow.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Washer Down

As many of you know I work part time at a tanning salon.  It's a fun job, although physically taxing at times on all my arthritic parts.  I do enjoy most of the customers, and the rest I just try to remember, "you can't cure stupid".   Lets just say working with the public can certainly be interesting at times!! 
Monday I went into work prepared for it to be a busy day as Monday's typically are, only to find out that the washing machine was broken.  Yikes, with all the towels we use to clean beds, customer towels, towels to clean the salon, lets just say I had a mini heart attack and then a panic attack.  Our main manager who would typically do the running and the laundry was in the emergency room having fallen down stairs the day before and she's pretty banged up from it, so I needed to help.  I was there from 8:30 to 2pm, went to the bank to get dollar bills for the till, then was back and forth all afternoon and evening with loads of wash, I'd wash it, take it to the salon to dry, get another load, and on and on it went.  I picked up the last load at 6:10, they'd had 22 customers in the 5pm hour, so it was a huge load.  I decided since the salon closed at 7, I'd just wash it up, dry it at home, fold it and return it to the salon when it opens this morning.  I was to beat to drive back to the salon one more time last night. 

Here's that last load:

My back and shoulders are just aching this morning from hefting all those heavy loads of laundry back and forth.  I've been told that the washer will be fixed today and I hope that is the truth, cuz this girl is not doing all that running and laundry on her day off!!

Good thing I have a massage and a haircut scheduled for the day.  Both will make me feel better and then it's all about relaxing.  I might be getting to old for this type of work.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Baking Done, Kitchen Closed

Yesterday was a busy day in my kitchen.  This Friday we are going up to Spokane for my 3 month cancer check up and then spending the night at the kids house.  Well being a good Grandma, I couldn't arrive empty handed, could I!!  And I also am getting ready to mail a box to my Aunties with the table toppers I made for them, and I couldn't not send them something yummy and homemade since it's for their birthdays in March.

Given all of these events I spent about 4 hours in the kitchen and cranked out 3 types of cookies:

The cookies on the left are snicker doodles and the cookies on the right are dried cherry, white choc. shortbread

Chocolate chip cookies ready to go in the oven

About half way done baking the choc chip cookies - last cookies I baked yesterday.
The pictures above don't show the cookies that went into the freezer.  I've got more cookies than the girl scouts - or at least that's how it feels.  By the time I was done, I was done, all I could do is sit in my chair, put my feet up and just watch some TV.  I thought about reading, but I was to tired to stick with that even.

The good news is it's all done.  I can take cookies to the grandson on Friday.  I can get a box packaged up for my Aunties to mail out for their March birthday's and I don't have to do any baking or kill myself as I begin my next 3 weeks of chemo.  I do try to plan around those 3 weeks as I know I won't be up to much on the weekends but resting.

Not much stitching to show you from this past week.  Hopefully today I'll get in the sewing room and get some things started.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Rough Day

Rough day - not really.  The sun was out and my boys were soaking it up and napping like champs.  If they had a super bowl for napping I think my boys could take the prize. 

Wow, to be so relaxed!!

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Get to Know Me

My Friend Joanna "JJ" over at The Fifty Factor recently did a post answering questions about herself as a "Get to Know Me" post that some of her friends did.  I thought it was fun and interesting and decided I'd do it too.  So here goes:

Age:  52

Bed Size:  King – only way we have any room with 2 cats and a dog sleeping with us.

Chore You Hate:  Mopping, so hubby does it and vacuums for me too!

Dogs: One adorable pooch named Madison

Essential Start To My Day:  Coffee and lots of it.  I like to wake up with a cup of coffee, facebook and blog reading.

Favorite Color:  Green

Gold or Silver:  Silver - actually any bling is good for me, I do love my jewelry!

House or Apartment: Small House, Huge Garage/Shop – I think I got cheated, haha

Instruments Played:  Played Clarinet in Jr. High and Guitar in High School

Job Title:  Housewife and part time tanning salon employee.  Retired for almost 8 years now and glad to be out of the work world.

Kids:  Two Cats, a Dog and a 10 year old Grandson - Ben

Live:  In the South Eastern Corner of Washington State – Kennewick to be exact

Married:  27 years on March 19th

Never Again:  I’d like to say never again to a catheter, but with bladder cancer that’s not gonna happen.

Other Fun Fact:  I grew up on a farm and love horses and I had sheep in 4-H

Pet Peeve:  I work part time at a tanning salon and I just hate when someone wants me to wait on them, yet they are busy on their cell phones – so RUDE!!

Quote:  Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway ~ John Wayne

Righty or Lefty:  Righty, but sometimes lefty too.

Siblings:  4 half sisters and 3 half brothers – that I know of.  Close to 2 of the half sisters and one brother, well the brothers wife, he’s pretty quiet.

Time You Wake Up:  If I’m working I get up about 6:15, the other days I get up about 7 or so.

University Attended:  Went to a 2 year Jr. College, but mostly learned from the school of hard knocks and self taught in a lot of things.

Veggies You Dislike:  I don’t think I’ve met a veggie I didn’t like to be honest.

What Makes You Run Late:  Oh lord that would be my hubby if I let him, but I am always 15 to 20 minutes early for everything.  Drives CR nuts at times.

X-Rays:  I once had an x-ray where the doctor pointed out how full of gas my intestines were – that was so embarrassing.

Yum Food:  my comfort foods are tomato soup or chicken & green beans

Zoo Animal Favorite
:  I love the bears at zoos.  I love bears period.  Polar bears are fun to watch and if the zoo has Pandas, I’m simply fascinated.
Hope you enjoyed this and perhaps learned something about me.  I also hope you'll participate and let me learn a little about you.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Friday, February 1, 2013

A Quilt That Will Finally Get it's Home

Two years ago when I was diagnosed with cancer, had my kidney removed and all the fun that ensued after, I had started a quilt for one of my very favorite doctors who was retiring.  With everything that was going on, by the time I was able to finish it, he and his wife were in Europe on a 2 year mission.  Before Christmas I ran into him and was so happy to see he was home and we were able to chat and do a bit of catching up.  Then panic set in, I had the quilt done, but hadn't taken it to the quilters yet.  So I quickly got it to my friend Ginny for quilting and I'm thrilled that this Sunday we will be going to his home for a visit and I will get to present him with the quilt.

Drum Roll Please................................

I tired to get a close up of the beautiful quilting Ginny did, if you click on the picture and enlarge it I think you can see it. 

Dr. Hales is a one in a million orthopedic surgeon.  He's fixed both CR and my shoulders, elbows, hands, wrists - I always joke that he made me structurally sound again.  He is a very kind and wonderful man as well as being a gifted surgeon.  We are proud to call him a friend as well.

Even as he was preparing to retire and to move to Europe for 2 years he called me to check how I was doing and feeling.

I'll let you know how he likes the quilt after I give it to him Sunday evening.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,