Wednesday, March 20, 2013

32 Blocks

Several years ago, yeah several - like 2009, I started a quilt for our bed.  All because of this beautiful fabric I found on a trip to Portland and I just knew I had to make a quilt and use the fabric I found for the border.

As I began putting the 32 blocks together - these aren't all the blocks, but lets just call them the challenging blocks, I got so frustrated.  These blocks have taught me to be an expert seam ripper.  Honestly I've gotten so good I could start my own seam ripping business.  I only had 4 of these challenging and frustrating blocks done and the other day I decided to pull them back out and get that darn quilt finished.  It's been hanging over my head for far to long and you know what, I've finished the 32 blocks and started and the light and dark sets - which I might add are a piece of cake. 

So here is the pile of 32 blocks that have made me cuss more than once, but are so worth it:

I just looked through my old pictures to find the original picture of the border fabric and here it is - so gorgeous!!

The pattern I'm using is from this book by Evelyn Sloppy:

Looking at the picture, I'm wondering what I did with the fabric for the tiny inner border, oy vey, I hope it's with the other border fabric.  I can't wait to get this put together and to the quilters, it's been far to long and we need a quilt on our bed that I've made.

Big changes coming for my sewing room.  This Friday I should have new lights and be able to see like never before.  I'll take a before and after picture, of the lights that is - the room is a disaster area and I don't want to scare you all.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

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