Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Nice Surprise

Yesterday morning the neighbor who is building a house next to us called and asked if my hubby was around.  Well he was, but he was outside somewhere - the neighbor said well I will be there in 5 minutes if that is okay.  So I said sure.  While he's been building his home, he's been hooked up to the water and electricity from our garage and he keeps asking us what he owes us.  Well we haven't seen any real increase in our power and water bill so we keep telling him he owes nothing.

Evidently he decided he needed to do something so his wife baked us this beautiful and very delicious cake that he brought to us - such a nice surprise to say the least:

Oh lord it is so delish and the inside has a custard type of cream filling.  Totally decadent and sinful!!

Yesterday was a slow going morning for us, we both just had trouble kicking it into gear.  Even the animals were having one of those days.

Scotchie was all about being on his dad's lap and getting his belly rubbed:

Oh to be that relaxed.  And Chance wasn't far off just hanging out and trying to keep his eyes open - he wasn't always successful.

Madison likes to go under the china hutch - it's like she can be with us, but have a private little space to chill out and nap in.  Nobody walking around her or stepping over her and the cats know to leave her alone too.

Today is better.  We got going and had lunch with 2 couples we've both worked with in the past.  We're all retired and it's so nice having lunch when the restaurants aren't as busy as they tend to get on the weekends.

Now that we are home, CR is working on yard clean up before the next wind storm tomorrow and I'm sewing on our bed quilt once I finish this post.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Jackie said...

What a nice new neighbor! I know you'll be taking them some of your delicious baked goods as well. Lazy days have a purpose - I'm glad you get to enjoy them now!

Jennifer said...

Oh my - that cake looks good! Sounds as though you have good neighbours, that's important......after all, you are sharing the same place on earth.

Candace said...

I'd sure like to have those neighbors, Tammy! Don't the kitties look sweet! Nothing wrong at all with a slooooow morning ;>)