Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Busy Girl

They say busy girls are better girls, so I'm staying busy.

Yesterday I finally got the curtain made for our little bathroom window.  I think it really just pulls it all together:

Today I was busy baking chocolate chip cookies for our grandson.  We will be going up to Spokane on Friday and CR will drop me off at Sunye's office so I can attend her Miche Purse Party and then he will go on to Ben's soccer practice and some boy time.  Ben's Dad has to attend a weekend class so he won't be around - we'll miss seeing him.  Ben is planning right now where he and Grandpa should go to dinner.  Meanwhile I'm baking a cake on Thursday for the party.  It should be fun to meet Sunye's friends and co-workers.

We also finished that last couple of touches for the Kitchen today.  We have a peg board that is actually a door to the electrical panel for the house.  It's always been handy, but ugly.  When we started painting, I said to CR, wouldn't it be nice to paint that, and he's such a sweetie, he took it down, cleaned up the hinges and primed it so I could paint it.  Here are the before, all dark and ugly and the after - all clean and bright:


And we also put up the two really cute hangers - one for our calendar and one for this little metal envelope thingy that I put favorite recipes in.

Next week we will start the arduous task of painting my sewing room.  That my friends is going to require a lot of upfront preparation, moving stuff out of the room and CR is gonna find out how much of a stash I really have, oy vey!!  By the time we get to the actual painting, it'll be a piece of cake.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

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Jennifer said...

Your kitchen paint colour is pretty and fresh......I love it!