Sunday, April 28, 2013

Licensed to Pour

As you all know by now, Chanceman and Butrscotch were left alone on Friday night.  We went up to Spokane so I could attend a Miche Purse Party that CR's daughter Sunye was having with her co-workers.  I made a cake for the party and was thrilled at how excited her co-workers were to see me - or rather the cake.  Sunye's hubby, Bryan was out of town, so CR was on Grandpa duty with the handsome Mr. Ben.  He picked Ben up from soccer practice and they spent the evening together doing "man" stuff.  Saturday morning we were treated to scrambled eggs made by Ben, who is 10 and got straight A's on his last report card.  He is quite the kid to say the least and we are very proud of him.  We are also in awe of the fantastic job his parents have done in raising him.  He's polite, respectful, fun to talk with, cute as can be and just an all around terrific kid.   We left Saturday morning to get home for an event I was helping with that evening.

A few posts ago I mentioned that I took the very long 3 hour online course to obtain my class 12 license for the State of WA.  Class 12 gives you the ability to pour wine at a winery or even bar tend if you'd like.  I got the license because I'd like to work at a winery someday.  I also got the license so I could pour at my good friend Cathy's yacht club event.  She put on a fantastic wine tasting event with 4 wineries and lots of cheese, bread, crackers, fruit, dark chocolate.  It was just so fantastic.  The event coinsides with spring barrel tasting in our area, so one of the wineries couldn't supply a person to pour, but they could supply the wine.  Cathy, knowing I wanted to work at a winery, asked if I'd pour for that winery and I jumped at the chance.  I poured my little heart out and apparently I did a good enough job that people actually thought I worked for that winery.  I just like wine, I like to pair wine with foods and I think it should always be fun - no rigid wine rules in this girls book.  I also enjoy people and chatting with them, so it was just a fantastic evening for those who attended and for myself as well.  CR went along with me and he enjoyed sampling wine and helping out where needed.  We both had fun helping Cathy prep everything for the event as well.

The winery at the table next to mine was Bookwalter.  A sweet young man from that winery and I got to talking and he gave me a sample of their 2012 Couplet wine.  A blend of Chardonnay and Vognier grapes.  Oh baby, it was so crisp and delicious.  A perfect salad wine or just a perfect glass of chilled wine on a hot summer day.  And so guess who scored the extra, unopened bottle to take home??  Anyone want to guess??

Mercy it is a good wine!!  CR likes the reds, but I tend to like both and in the summer you won't catch me drinking a red - to dry and not refreshing for me.

This morning we were dragging from being on the go, so CR took me out to breakfast and it was a nice change of pace.  I usually make us a nice breakfast on Sundays, but I didn't have enough get up and go this morning.

Now it's time to grocery shop and back up to Spokane tomorrow for CR's 6 month check up for his cancer.  Never a dull moment folks.  Then it's time to paint that sewing room - but first I will be moving my fabric out, so perhaps I'll be painting by mid-May, haha, there's a lot to move.  I have my massage therapist on speed dial!!

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Jackie said...

It sounds like you're busy, busy, busy! I have no idea how you find the energy to do everything that you do!

Jennifer said...

Oh's all go, go, go at present, isn't it? Pleased to hear you enjoyed your winery job and scoring that unopened bottle was a bonus, for sure.