Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pied Piper

Our boys (the felines of love as I sometimes call them) are quite the characters.  A few weeks ago CR brought to my attention that in the early days when we first brought Scotchie home, he would follow CR into the back room to watch him fix breakfast and dinner.  Then it became a ritual that CR would put a few pieces of kibble down for Scotchie when fixing their bowls of food.  Scotchie I'm sure was just making sure the food was fresh and acceptable - not at all because he tends to be a little piggy.  Well it would seem that Chanceman has gotten into the act as well.  So when the Pied Piper - I mean CR gathers up their bowls to give them fresh food in the morning and evening, he is followed by "the big cats", they strut, they position and they wait..........................for a few kibbles to make sure the food is up to their standards.  Chanceman doesn't always eat his, no problem the Piggy - I mean Scotchie cleans up after him.

I wish I could get better pictures, but if I ask CR to move out of the way, the cats get all freaky about the interruption and walk away.

It's so darn funny the little things they do and habits they form.  They're not different from us in the different rituals we have.  I can't imagine a house with out cats and dogs.  They entertain you, keep you on your toes and they love you so much.

Lately Scotchie has taken to laying on my legs when I'm in bed sharing my leg pillow with me.  I sleep with a leg pillow to help my lower back, well apparently Scotchie thinks its his pillow.  So if I get up for a bathroom break in the early morning hours, it's darn near impossible to get back into bed and forget the leg pillow, it is his and he's not moving.  And he's got me trained - I usually just get up, make coffee and wait for everyone else to wake up and start the day.

I've started a quilt kit I got from the Fat Quarter Shop - I don't even remember when I got it, but hopefully I'll have pictures to show sometime soon.  I'm just cutting it out now.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Jennifer said...

Animals definitely give heart to a home, don't they? A couple of times lately on my morning walk (ugh) I have been talking to a little black and white cat.....he's quite a nice little feller. I think it's a feller, his fur is a bit coarse for a girl.

Candace said...

I agree, Tammy - the little kitty rituals make the world go round :>)
Can't wait to see what you're working on!