Sunday, April 14, 2013

Putting it Back Together

With the Bathroom painting done I had to get in and clean and put it back together on Friday.  Wow, painting can sure get a bathroom dirty, who knew!

So I put it back together and now it looks like this:

I decided to put a print I had in my sewing room in the bathroom to go with the lavender and green theme.  It's a print by a wonderful Washington artist named Julie Peterson.  Julie does amazing paintings with quilts as well as wildlife and some of the beautiful scenery of our state.  Check her out if you get a chance.  Here is the print:

I decided that the small bathroom window needed a valance.  It's a frosted window, but when the sun comes in just right, it can darn near blind you.  We had a 70 year old tree taken down from the back of the house and never had the blinding factor till then.  I miss our tree, but it was seriously damaged in a big wind storm and not safe.

So here is the window and below it is the fabric I picked out to make a small valance:


My friend Kelly and I went to the Sewing Basket in Prosser - or as I like to call it, the little yellow house.  She's expanded to the garage in back of the house so it's not quite as hard to get around and see all the beautiful fabrics she has, and lord she has a lot of gorgeous fabrics.  So that is where I found the perfect fabric for that window.  Check out her website and see the little yellow house as well as the bigger yellow house where she has quilting retreats.

And speaking of my friend Kelly, she'll be so proud of me when she sees this:

That is the bed quilt - all rows sewn together and I'll be putting the borders on today.  Yes Kelly I did locate the inner and outer border fabric.  I was worried that I didn't know where I put the fabric for the inner border.  Whew, a big relief when I found both border fabrics together!!  Stay tuned, I should have a picture of a completed quilt top tomorrow!!  Then I need to pick out a backing fabric.

And last, but never least, a before picture of Madison.  She is going to the groomers to get her summer shave tomorrow.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Candace said...

The bathroom looks so pretty, Tammy! I have a framed watercolor in ours in a nearly identical frame! You have very good taste ;>) Wish I could find the Sewing Basket - been through there twice and can never seem to find it! Doesn't Madison look so cute in the sunshine!

Jennifer said...

Oh my, you have been so busy......that new bathroom is very pretty and will be even more so when the new valance is up! Maddie is very cute.