Monday, April 22, 2013

Running Errands

Today has been rather busy.  We intended to run errands and we did.  One errand was extremely important.  Our coffee pot wouldn't work this morning.  In this house that registers as an emergency.  Luckily CR thought to bring the coffee maker from our 5th wheel in to the house, emergency averted, thankfully.

CR realized that he hadn't purchased the new tabs for our Camry, so first stop was the county auditors so we wouldn't get pulled over.  Oh man - another emergency averted.  So many close calls for a Monday!!

Then it was off to a couple different places to pick up a cute calendar hanger for the kitchen calendar, then something or other to cover the spot in my sewing room where the light used to be.  While CR was in the mega hardware store looking for that, I sat in the car and people watched and drank coffee.  I am fascinated by the number of people who will park in a handicap parking spot with out a legal handicap tag or license plate.  And while one gentleman was up there in age, there was also a couple who were younger than me that did it too.  What gives, I just think that is wrong.  I was also amazed at the number of people, young and old who hobble along as if they are in pain.  That makes me sad, esp. for the younger people.  I'm glad that I didn't start the hobbling in pain till my hip went bad in my late 40's and ended with a hip replacement.  Sometimes when I get out of the car I am stiff, but it's just my back and I'm upright in no time.  Arthritis is not going to get this girl down.  Although recently my right big toe's arthritis has gotten really bad and it is so painful all the time that I do tend to walk a bit funny.  The doctor was thinking surgery, then suggested trying a carbon fiber shoe insert.  So I dutifully went to get the $50.00 insert and the darn thing made it worse.  For starters, even though it's not super thick, it does take up room in my shoe and when your toe and it's joints are swollen, that is valuable real estate in a shoe.  Then there is the wee problem that I don't wear my shoes in the house.  I'm a barefoot girl or at best slippers if I'm cold.  CR wears his shoes from the time he gets up practically till the time he goes to bed.  Who knows what will become of this darn toe, I have a feeling surgery is going to be needed to fix it and to remove a pea size piece of bone that is floating around loose and I think causing some of the problem I'm having.  Fun times - NOT.

We also went to Bed, Bath and Beyond and got new towels for the bathroom:

I love these colors so much.  CR says he is slowly getting used to the lavender in the bathroom.  I don't do a lot of real girlie colors in the house, so I'm sure he'll adjust and like it soon enough.

Here is a picture of the green in our kitchen, it's light, so it's hard to truly see.

And a few pictures of wall hangings and my bundt pan collection back on the walls:

A New decorative light switch - these are hard to find anymore. 

A few of my pretty bundt pans.  Not all are hanging up - there just isn't the enough room.

Coffee cups for a coffee loving girl!!

I love the green, I wish I could get a better picture that would how you the true color.  I tried searching the Behr Paint website for Palm Breeze (our kitchen paint color), but the picture is so small and not very true to the color.  Oh well, try to imagine it if you will.

Now I must get some things done and perhaps someday get back into my sewing room. 

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Sweet Tea said...

I'm a fan of all things green - my favorite color. Love the green & purple!! I also love your bundt pan collection and the way you have it displayed...I am a "former" barefoot girl, but have foot problems and must wear shoes all the time any more. I buy a new pair of Yellow Box sandals each summer and wear-them-to-death, then use them as house slippers in the winter. I bought my new summer pair today! The next best thing to going barefoot!

Julie said...

My goodness you have been so very busy! Love your new kitchen colours and your light switch is just divine! I've never seen such a spectacular collection of bundt pans! I don't even own one!!!