Saturday, April 27, 2013

When left on their own........

Chanceman here. 

My Mom, Dad and that darn dog have left me and my brother all alone.  While they spent the night in Spokane, we were left all by ourselves - with no food or water or treats.  Okay that's not true, but can a man get a little sympathy.  I mean really they never leave that dog, what gives with that!!   I know, we fe-lions are self sufficient, but we do like having our staff at home and tending to our every need.

Why just the other day I basked in the sun and fresh air (open window) while I watched my mother sew.  You gotta watch your staff, they can't be trusted, I'm just sure while she is sewing, that she is scheming on how to steal my catnip, or cheat me out of my full scoop of food - you just can't turn your back on these humans.  I'm just sayin!!

Well enough of my struggles in life and my untrustworthy minions.  How about a couple pictures of my handsome self:

So hey, instead of my Mom's usual send off, how about this:

Clean litters and Catnip for everyone!!


Jennifer said...

Aw, Chanceman.....I think you are very handsome! Don't let that woman steal your 'nip, that's good stuff.

Candace said...

Woo-hoo - let's party, Chanceman!