Monday, May 13, 2013

A Fresh Start

As you know this past week we painted my sewing room a gorgeous light lemony yellow color called Morning Sunshine.  Well today it's all organized and ready to use, with the exception of hanging pictures which I'll do tomorrow.  Before you see the pictures I will admit that I am a fabric hoarder, so please try not to laugh at me.  At least now I know what I have and will be using that before purchasing more.

So without further ado:

Looking in from the door.  I have shelves on the right side of the room now for my fabric to be out and seen.

As you can see those shelves are LOADED.  And color coded, but I need to figure out a way to fold my fabric a tad neater, figured I could noodle on that for a while and try a few ideas - if you have any, please share!!

This picture is taken from standing by my sewing machine and looking toward the door.  I have my cutting table, which I'm only using half of and it allows for more room.  and then I have a shelf with books and patterns, etc and then the large shelf had project boxes that are either labeled or have the pattern taped to the outside so I can see what I have going or plan to have going.

I think I'm making new curtains with this fabric for the room.  I just love the yellow and the cheeriness of it all.
It's been a busy 2 days putting my room together and I'm so pleased with the results and the ability to see what I have and use it.

On a sad note we found out a friend of ours died quite suddenly from a brain aneurysm yesterday.  She was a wonderful and quite brilliant lady and only 69, to young to leave us.  Her hubby is 79 and unfortunately is suffering from Alzheimer's and recently quit driving.  I am very worried for him and sad for the whole family.  They have kids who live in state, so I hope they will step up and take care of their Dad, he will most certainly need their help.

I hope to be back stitching as I had a project in the works when we tore the room up to paint, so perhaps I'll have fun stuff to post in a few days or so.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Lady of the Cloth said...

Good looking sewing room! I fold my fabric by putting a 6"X24" ruler across the with of the folded fabric, like it came off the bolt. I then fold the fabric around the ruler, kind of roll the ruler with the fabric in it. I then take the ruler out and fold it to half that size. It fits on most shelves perfectly. I saw a tutorial somewhere doing this and a year or so ago, I did all of my stash that way. I really like it. We lost our daughter at 37 to a brain aneurism and it was so unexpected and sudden. I'm sorry to hear about your friend. Carline

Jennifer said...

So sorry to hear about your friend, as you say it's to be hoped the rest of the family will step in. What a lovely cheerful room you now have! Once those yellow curtains go up it will be even happier.

Sweet Tea said...

I knew it was gonna be GREAT when you were finished. You have definitely been a Worker Bee...Very sorry about your friend. :-(