Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dinner With Friends

Today was a lazy day.  I woke up late for me and decided since it was grey and rainy out, I'd put off washing the ceiling for the last paint job.  Cliff helped me out by saying - hey, you're retired, you've got tomorrow.  So that was all the excuse I needed to putter around and not accomplish much.

We did have plans for a lovely dinner in a small town called Dayton, about an hour or so drive to the east of us.  There is a wonderful little restaurant there called Patit Creek.  They have a fabulous menu and they are most certainly worth the drive.  We had 5pm reservations for 4 to enjoy the morel mushroom that grow wild in the Blue Mountains.  The meal started off with a tomato bisque soup, followed by a small dinner salad with a homemade poppy seed cracker and a tiny ball of cheese on it.  For our entrees, Ken and I both had the steak with the French onion/morel mushroom gravy.  Oh baby it was so good.  Cliff had a Chicken Florentine (and part of my steak) and Grover had Copper River Salmon (Copper River Salmon is only available for a few weeks this time of year.  It is by far my favorite type of salmon and we bbq it often when it's available).

Here are pictures of our adventure:

Grover on the left, Ken on the Right

Cliff - my Honey!!
Cork from our bottle of Dumas Station Wine

The wine was fantastic - the name of it was Cow Catcher Red, I just loved the name

The Whole Gang - we all had full bellies at this point
But wait - there is always room for desert - Cliff and I split
Hazelnut Crème Brulee - I wanted to lick the bowl clean but
Cliff thought it might be a tad rude, darnit!!
We had a wonderful drive up to Dayton and enjoyed the beauty of the farm fields all green and coming to life.  One thing that really hit me and made me sad was Grover, he has Alzheimer's and I know what that can do to a person, Cliff's Mom had it as well.  He didn't remember being at that restaurant and he was always such a fan of the place before.  It's so hard to see the toll it's taking on such a brilliant man and it doesn't make it easier because he recently lost his wife and the love of his life.  He really enjoyed the outing though and was all up for it when I suggested we try out a bistro in Prosser called Wine O'Clock in a couple of weeks.  It's good for him to be with friends and get out, so I plan to try to get us together on a regular basis so he gets out with friends.  If something happened to me I could only hope friends would be there for my honey!!
So the majority of my day was again spent in my wonderful sewing room working on my latest creation.  I have 2 more rows to sew together, then I need to put the top together and the border on it.  Here is your sneak peek:
a stack of rows

2 rows still need to be sewn together

the book I'm using for my quilt top

the pattern is called "Old Gold"
This was actually a kit I purchased a long time ago, it came with a jelly roll and a layer cake and the fabric to do the binding in a medium blue.  It was a fun and simple pattern and I love the colors.  I don't often buy jelly rolls or layer cakes, I'm a yardage kinda gal, but this is a great pattern book for when you're in the mood for pre-cuts.
So how'd you spend your day, anything interesting, or were you lazy too?
Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Jennifer said...

How lovely to spend time with friends.....even if Grover didn't remember it later he enjoyed himself at the time. That's a very pretty project, can't wait to see it finished! I love the quilt on the book cover.

Jennifer said...
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Candace said...

What a wonderful day, Tammy! Patit Creek looks lovely and I know you had a gorgeous drive! Love the colors in your quilt! So much more interest than the one in the book!