Monday, May 6, 2013

I Might Be A Hoarder

The past 2 days I've been cleaning out my sewing room so I can get to the walls and wash and paint them.  In the process of doing this I had a LOT of fabric and stuff to move out.  This is when I began  to wonder if I qualified as a fabric hoarder.  I didn't take a before picture of the disaster area, formerly known as my sewing room, but I've taken a few pic's of my one living room that is now buried with a lot of stuff and my mostly empty sewing room.

Here it is - try not to laugh or choke:

Um, there is a chair there somewhere - I swear it.

Yep, even from this angle you can't see the chair - but you can see CR's stereo that I recently moved to that corner.

Remember Grandma's cedar chest, well it's kinda buried at the moment.

Looking into my sewing room from the door

From the opposite end of the room

The only window in the room.  I put my makeup on here and the cats like
 to catch the afternoon sun while laying here as well.
So weird how the pictures turned out with that black section - wonder what I did to get that result.  Something must have happened in the upload, because it's not on the original pictures.  Anyhow I've been busy, I've thrown a lot of things away and I have a sizable give away pile too.  I've ordered 2 shelving units to be on the wall where the cedar chest once was and I hope to fold and have my fabric on display so I know what I have and use it up before purchasing any more.  Time to use what I have for goodness sakes.

All this and I'm still wearing that damn air cast boot, I guess the positive thing about the boot is it makes everything harder to do, so it gives me a workout.  And I have lost 5 pounds since last Wednesday.  I know it's water weight, but it's a start and I'll take it and run with it.

I have commitments the next couple of days so rather than starting the painting, I'll plant the flower buckets on the deck and maybe start washing the walls.  Then around Thursday I should begin the painting process.  Hoping it's a piece of cake compared to the process of cleaning out the room, or the process of putting it all back and organizing after I paint.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Sweet Tea said...

Projects like that are always messy, but afterwards comes the reward of a freshly painted, neat, room. Will be watching for the photos after you've finished and have everything back in order.

Jennifer said...

Oh, it will be worth all the work when you you have a beautifully painted fresh clean room! Congratulations on the 5lb loss, that's a start.

Candace said...

OK - so where are you and your hubby sitting now ;>) At least it's warm out so maybe you can enjoy the outdie for a bit! Congratulations on your weight loss so far! Hopefully by the time you're done painting it will be another 5!