Thursday, May 23, 2013

Oh Scrap!

I have spent quite a few afternoons diligently cutting scrap strips out of the huge pile of scraps that I had and was to lazy to deal with until that is, I cleaned up and organized and painted my sewing room.  Lots of small pieces just got tossed, but I kept all that I could and cut 2.5 inch strips and I have 3 great books on scrappy quilts so hopefully I will find something awesome to do with it all.  Here are my nice neat piles:

Seriously I can't stand the idea of cutting anymore scraps for a while.  In the future I do plan to cut the scraps I have left as I go, it will be far easier and less time consuming and a heck of a lot easier on my poor back rather than standing for hours doing it.

So what do you do with your scraps and what have you made with your scraps??  Please share, I'd love to hear.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Jennifer said...

Lots and lots of cutting is so tedious, isn't it? Have to admit I just cut pieces for a quilt as they are needed, scrappy or not.

Candace said...

Oh how brave you are to cut all those strips, Tammy! Email me and I'll give you a couple of great ideas!