Saturday, May 4, 2013


Well today we started moving a few things around, in preparation to empty out the sewing room for painting.  Ugh, both of us will be sore tomorrow.  I wanted to move my Grandma's cedar chest out of my sewing room to make room for shelves to have my fabric more accessible and easier to see.  So I decided to move the stereo components to a corner since we rarely use it, but CR won't give it up (he's old school).  Took some work, but I love how it turned out.  We have a very small house and probably way to much stuff, and no coat closet or mud room, but I decided that I'd move the cedar chest to just inside the front door and make it function as a bench to remove shoes, set your purse down, etc.

The stereo tower neatly tucked in a corner behind an over sized chair.
Grandma's Cedar Chest - I need to make a long quilted runner and get different pillows, but these will do for now.
Last Thursday I went to see a foot orthopedic doctor about my right foot.  I have a loose bone in my toe and I kept thinking that was causing all the pain in my big toe.  Well that and arthritis.  So he checked my foot out - thank goodness I'm not ticklish.  He determined that it is the tendon that runs along the inside of your ankle and wraps down on the bottom of the foot and feeds to the big toe.  So I am stuck in a boot (yes I just got out of one for my stupid ankle injury in March), for the next 4 weeks.  All I can say is if he then thinks surgery is needed I'm gonna hurt someone.  A boot for 4 weeks then laid up for lord knows how long if he does have to cut on the foot.  I can't drive with this stupid thing on my foot.  Arrgggghhhhhh!!  Do you feel my frustration.

 One fun thing happened this week.  Last weekend I told you I went to my Step Daughters Miche Purse Party, well my purse arrived and it is gorgeous.  I also have a yellow and tan cover.  I love this concept so much - you just change the outer part of the purse and you don't have to empty everything from one purse to the next.  It's genius!!

Sadly there won't be much stitching (I use my right foot on the sewing machine pedal and the boot is definitely in the way), so I'll be working on painting my sewing room and planting the flower buckets on our deck and things like that to keep me busy and out of trouble.

I almost forgot to mention that I purchased my backing fabric and took the bed quilt I just finished to my good friend Ginny for quilting.  She came up with a fabulous idea and I can't wait to show you the results when I get it back in mid-June.  I also can't wait to get it on our bed!!

Thank you all for your wonderful comments and emails about my last post.  I appreciate the encouragement and support so much.  If I can get cancer under control, well then I damn sure can get my weight under control, right!!  I will keep you posted on my progress.  As my friend Jennifer said, one step at a time, so bear with me.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Jennifer said...

What a lovely cedar chest! Much nicer to have it out where it can be admired. Love that new purse too. I'm with CR when it comes to stereos, I still don't have an our sound systems too much. Bummer about that foot again, no dancing the rumba just yet then?

Candace said...

Nice arrangement, Tammy! Mr. Squash is old school, too -- his stereo lives downstairs and he just won't give it up! So sorry to hear about the boot. Years ago I learned to run my foot pedal with my left foot - give it a try - it's really easy - just takes a bit of practice.