Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Today we were busy doing some upgrading.  I've had an iPhone 3 for a long time now and so we decided since ATT was giving 100.00 rebate to trade your old smart phone in, we would upgrade to the iPhone 5.  Can't believe how far those phones have come with a larger screen, and slimmer, lighter weight body.

We also decided to finally upgrade my sewing room TV to a flat screen HDTV.  It's a 22 inch, I didn't want anything to big, and it's bigger than what I had.  I'm quit thrilled with it:

Earlier in the day, Scotchie was in his usual morning position - CR's lap, getting his tummy rubs in for the day - I love how he holds his front paws in the air so CR can get the chest and the belly.  Meanwhile his eyes roll back into his head he enjoys it so much.  Of course CR can't do much on the computer till Scotchie tires of the attention and leaves to find a patch of sun.

Look at the back feet - all stretched out, so funny!!
Working on my scrap piles and cutting everything into 2.5 inch strips, I don't know if I'm slow or what, but I wish this job was done already.  I've got a couple ideas for a scrappy quilt, but nothing decided for sure just yet.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

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Jennifer said...

Your cats and our cats must be related......it's just the same in this house!