Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Another Top Done

Quilt tops are starting to stack up on me - this makes the second one I need to get quilted.  I got the borders sewn on this morning.  Maybe my friend Kelly will let me come over one of these days and use her gammil. 


Since it's such a beautiful day I thought pictures of it in the lawn were in order.  I have a medium blue fabric to bind it and now I have to figure out what to back it in.  Maybe something light, hopefully I'll know the fabric when I see it.

Now I need to get busy and dust and move furniture and vacuum the last room of my deep cleaning.  I'm excited to have it behind me.  Later today I plan to bake a cake and take it over tomorrow to my friend Mary who had back surgery about a week ago.  She's been really hurting, I'm hoping that the cake will taste good to her.

This morning I went to filter my iced coffee into another jar - you can see the process here:  It's a cold brewing process for Iced coffee that really takes the bitterness out of the coffee and the acidity as well.  So you soak the ground coffee in filtered water using a mason jar then strain it after 12 hours.  Well I went to do the straining part and wasn't fully awake yet and dumped wet coffee grounds and coffee water all over the cupboard and the floor.  I did this all before I'd have my first cup of coffee and what a mess it was.  I'm still wiping up a few stray coffee grounds here and there.  Time for a good floor moping!!  So needless to say I ordered a different filter set up from Amazon so that I could just lift the grounds out of the mason jar, rather than pour and spill again.  What a way to start the day. 

Well it's off to the dusting and vacuuming world I go.  It's another 90 degree day here, glad the house is cool.  What are you doing today - hopefully it's far more exciting than my day.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Jennifer said...

Spilling coffee grounds is not a good start to the day! Your quilt has turned out beautifully.

Sweet Tea said...

I love the quilt.
I'm not a coffee drinker so I make messes of a different sort - like spilling an entire box of pasta in the pantry. YUK!

black bear cabin said...

that quilt is gonna be beautiful!!! as for the deep cleaning, wanna do my place when youre finished? i dont even know where to start...i can barely keep up with laundry! :)

Candace said...

Oh my have you ever been a busy bee, Tammy! I adore your quilt - perfect for the 4th of July, too! I can only imagine how happy you are having all the painting and cleaning done - even if you did spill a few coffee grounds (wink)! I sure hope this weather cools off a tad before August - I can't imagine having this heat for the rest of the summer! When are ya going fishing?