Sunday, June 23, 2013

Cat Grass and Blackberry Pie

My cats love cat grass and cat nip.  They crave it I think.  In fact my older cat craves it so much that if you bring in a plastic plant, he tries to eat it. We don't have any plants in the house because of his obsession with eating anything that looks like a plant.  So CR has been growing cat grass, he'll bring the pot in with the grass, the cats will mow it down, then it goes outside for sun and grows some more and the process is repeated.  After Chanceman, who is oldest goes after the grass, then Scotchie is allowed to go after it - their pecking order, not ours.  Yesterday I found Scotchie balanced on the scratching post going after the grass.  I thought it was so funny given that the pot was on the cedar chest and he could have just gotten on it to munch away.

Guess Cats like "salad" too.

We went to Farmers Market yesterday and I was thrilled to find blackberries, as well as strawberries, spinach, cherries, etc.  The market is in full swing and lots of yummy fruit and veggies.  When I spotted the blackberries I looked at CR and said - would you like a pie?  Of course he wanted one, so we came home and I made him this:

I must confess that I HATE to make pie crust, so I buy the Pillsbury type in the store.  It's pretty good and a whole lot easier than making my own.

I also went to my friend Kelly's house to show her our bed quilt.  She loved it and I was thrilled to finally show it to her.  She is the one who gave me the pattern idea so many years ago and kept encouraging me to finish it.  So glad she kept encouraging me, because now we have this gorgeous quilt on our bed.

I forgot in my last post to share with you the method that I used to make my pillowcases.  It's called the Burrito/Roll up method.  Only 3 seams go into making the pillow case and no raw edges - all French seams.  I love it and my pillow cases went together so quickly and easily.  The Crafty Gemini does the video and she does a great job of explaining it.

We have had the oddest weather lately.  Last week it was rainy and muggy and grey outside.  Then Friday it cleared up with sunshine and warmer temps, yesterday was beautiful and then today we woke up to grey skies again.  Where is summer?

So how's the weather where you are?  Are you having weird weather too??

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Country Girl said...

Great tutorial. Love the french seams. As for weather, it's been nice here in Maryland but I can't believe how much rain we had this past month. Last week was gorgeous: low humidity, sunny skies, beautiful temps. It's turning hot and muggy though, and this week promises to be sticky. That's summer for you, though.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Blackberry pie!!! Who could possibly say no to that! It looks delicious. I don't make pie crusts either but I use Marie Calendars' from the freezer section.

You have he happiest cats I've ever seen, Tammy.

I've used this pillowcase technique too. It's pretty cool.

xo jj

Candace said...

Funny, Sasha and Gracie don't like catnip at all! I think I should send you all of the catnip toys! Your pie looks perfect, Tammy! I used to use the Pillsbury crusts when I was working and still do occasionally. Now I make a pate brisee or two or three or more and freeze them. All I have to do is take them out the day before and I have homemade crusts! Love the P/C method - it's just the way I do it.
I agree - this weather is CRAZY!

Jennifer said...

Yum, blackberry grandmother used to make delicious blackberry pie when I was a child. Scotchie is a very funny boy!