Tuesday, June 4, 2013


I finally went and got a pedicure.  My feet were awful looking, but since the one foot was in a air cast for the month of May and since we were painting and doing home improvements, it just made sense not to rush out and get one.  I love a good pedicure.  I have always gone to one place in particular, but since the couple that ran it left to return to Vietnam, well it's gone down hill, or at least that is how it appeared to me yesterday.  The gals working there did an good job and seemed nice enough when they spoke English to you, but the chair controls to heat up and vibrate the chairs were gone.  To me that was part of the fun of getting the pedicure, soak a bit, let the chair vibrate you into a zen like state.  The salon has just gotten tacky.  So now I must go on a quest to find a place I like as much as I used to like my old place, ugh, painted toes might not be worth the search.  And no - I won't paint my own toes, cuz I have trouble keeping the paint just on the toenail, ha ha.

I took a picture of my right foot because that is becoming a very expensive foot.  I have had arthritis in my big toe for several years, it's getting worse in the toe joint and the base of the toe.  As I mentioned I was in an air cast for a month to fix the foot as the doc thought it was the tendon that runs along the inside of your ankle and under the foot and into the big toe.  Well perhaps it was as that area isn't as tender as it was when he checked it, but the darn big toe still hurts.  So yesterday we did an MRI to see what is going on.  Part of me thinks it's overkill and it's the arthritis, but then again if it is really that tendon, then using ultrasound the doctor can inject cortisone and make it all better, no surgery involved.  So there you have it, it better really be that stupid tendon cuz I've wasted a lot of time on it and I need to be able to fish this summer.  I'm being an impatient patient.  I'll find out next Monday.  The doc wanted me to keep wearing the boot - I am not, it didn't fix the toe, it's made my back ache from being uneven and it's just to hot.  The boot is not the answer in my opinion!!

It went from chilly and windy and rainy the last few weeks, with highs maybe in the mid-60's to all of a sudden 90 degrees.  Mother nature is bi-polar and the huge temp. swings are killing me.  Thank goodness for air conditioning.  So glad the home improvements and painting are done till fall.  I've got one more room to deep clean, move furniture, vacuum every square inch and then we're back to normal.  Which means I won't clean for another 6 months, haha - just kidding!!

I don't know if I mentioned that our friend Grover (he recently lost his wife) asked me to take her fabric and so we went out there a few days ago and brought home a whole lot of boxes.  I was able to use some of it and then I'm donating the rest to the quilt guild for project linus quilts, it was just to much for one person and we already know I'm a fabric hoarder.  There was also upholstery fabrics and such that I can donate as well to other organizations as I don't use that type of material.  We have to go back out there - probably tomorrow, to get the rest of it, so I'll have more to go through.  I felt that if it helped him and took one thing off of his mind then it was a good thing to do.

I just need to sew my border on my current creation and I'll be ready to snap another picture for you to see.  In the meantime I'm excited about this month because the quilt I made for our bed should be ready around the 15th, then I can bind it and put it on the bed - I can't wait.  The design that my friend Ginny is doing for the quilting is just going to be gorgeous and I can't wait to show it to you.

So, how's the temps in your neck of the woods, and what are you busy doing??

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

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Jennifer said...

Never mind, proper summer will be with you before you know it! Isn't it frustrating when someone whose service you use and like moves away or closes down? Hope that foot settles down for you.