Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Heat is On

Dog gone it's hot out today.  Almost 90 degrees and the forecast is the same for tomorrow.  The good thing about it is the bounty that can be found at Farmers Market.

We went to Farmers Market this morning and scored asparagus, butter lettuce, spinach, Walla Walla sweet onions, rainier cherries and strawberries.

Look at those huge, gorgeous strawberries and those cherries.  Speaking of cherries, I only buy a pound, because out of that pound - this is all that is left and tomorrow I will pay dearly for eating them all.   They are so sweet and plump and delicious, it's hard to stop.  Thank goodness we don't farm the darn things or I'd be in trouble.  CR - the smart one, doesn't touch them.

Our friend Grover has 3 rows of Raspberries so after the market and grocery shopping, we went out to his place and picked raspberries - take a look at these delicious berries:

As we were leaving he said to be sure to come out in a couple of days for more, well okay, twist my arm!!

While we were out at his place I took a picture of two huge cactus plants that he has that are blooming and so beautiful:

And his beautiful roses - these are just a few:

Look at this gorgeous row of lavender - it was alive with bees just doing their thing and buzzing away. 

His house sits on a hill and he has one heck of a view, wish my cell phone could have captured it.  Maybe I better bring my big camera with me next time to get a pic of his view.

My quilt is done and home from the quilters.  I just have to say it is so beautiful it takes my breath away.  No pictures yet.  I need to trim it up, and start binding it.  I'll be posting pictures soon to share it with y'all.

Tomorrow we are having company over and bbq'ing baby back ribs - yummy.  But first, in honor of Fathers Day, I'll make CR a special brunch with fresh fruit and Migas (got the recipe from the Pioneer Woman website).

We started firming up our plans for summer and fishing and a trip to visit my friend Robyn.  The next couple of months will fly by and then it will be time for my next cancer check up on August 15th.  Until then we are gonna have some fun.

So what are your plans for Fathers Day and for the summer??

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

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