Monday, June 3, 2013

Where's Scotchie?

Yesterday CR was looking all around the house for Scotchie.  He wasn't in his usual haunts, so where was he.  Then CR went into the back bedroom/disaster area and there he was, he finally figured out how to get up on the shelf like his big brother does.  Scotchie is not the jumper that Chanceman is and oh how he'd like to be.  Apparently he figured out a shortcut to get to his goal and once there, was exhausted and took a nap!!

He was awfully proud of his accomplishment. 

Now that all the painting is done, I took yesterday and vacuumed every square inch, moving furniture, etc and dusted our family room where we just painted the ceiling.  I still have more dusting to do, but I took the day off to have an MRI of my foot and arthritic toe, do some shopping and I got a pedicure (boy was it time - someone had very ugly feet). 

Summer has finally arrived, we seem to have skipped a pleasant spring by having crappy, chilly weather and now we are diving right into summer and the heat is on.  Where is the happy medium I ask you.  At least we don't have the severe weather that the middle portion of the country has - and I am thankful for that.

I'm going to start sewing the rows of my quilt together, cuz tomorrow there is more dusting and furniture moving and vacuuming in the other living room to do.  I should probably mop too.  Trying to get everything cleaned up after all we've been doing is a huge job, once it's done I can go back to normal cleaning and/or ignoring the mess, ha-ha.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Joanna Jenkins said...

Scotchie looks sooooo comfy. I wish I could konk out like that !

I hear you on the cleaning after renovations-- it seems like a never ending job but it sure feels good once it's complete.

Take care of your foot!

xo jj

Jennifer said...

Ignoring the mess is good.....I excel at that! Scotchie looks very comfortable, I hope no one disturbed him.