Friday, July 19, 2013

Last Thursday

Hi All, did ya miss me??  We've been gone for a while and it was so nice to take a break from the computer.  I didn't do much of anything with facebook or blogs, etc.  I did do a lot of reading and finished several books.  CR and I took the 5th wheel to the Portland, Oregon area for a week.  We have some good friends who live across the river in the Vancouver, WA area and we also wanted to do a bit of sight seeing since it's been a while that we've been in Portland just for fun.

On Friday, our good friend Robyn joined us and we toured the Pittock Mansion.  I'd just recently heard about the mansion and really wanted to see it.  Built by Henry Pittock who was the owner of the Oregonian (newspaper) as well as building his fortunes in real estate, banking, railroads, steamboats, sheep ranching, silver mining and the pulp and paper industry.  His wife Georgiana dedicated her life to improving the lives of women and children and help to found Portland's annual Rose Festival.

The mansion was completed in 1914 and featured innovations such as a central vacuum system, intercoms, an elevator, indirect lighting and features English, French and Turkish design.  The mansion is 16,000 square feet and is situated 1000 feet above downtown Portland.  Click Here to see some pictures of the inside of the mansion.  While they allow pictures (without flash) in the mansion, I usually refrain from it because I'm to busy checking everything out.

That said I did get some beautiful pictures of the grounds and the view.  Sadly there was a haze over Portland that day so we didn't get to see Mt. Hood and other mountains that would typically be visible on a clear day.

Breathtaking views

more views and the river

Sadly they are working on the mansion so stuff was in the way of a good picture

CR Goofing off for Robyn and I

I thought this tree was gorgeous

Downtown Portland

another cool tree

I loved this flower/bush and I forgot to write down what it was.

a gate lodge - it wasn't open, but peaking in the windows, it looked so cute and was 2 stories
We thoroughly enjoyed touring the mansion and the grounds.  After we were done we went to the NW 23rd area which is loaded with cute shops and fun looking restaurants.  We had some coffee and a snack.  Then we parted ways, Robyn to her home and we, back to the 5th wheel to pick up Maddie our dog.  Then we headed over to Robyn and Gerald's for a delicious dinner and yummy wine and this sinful desert that Tori, R & G's daughter made for us.  Yep you had to roll me outta there I was so full!!  Here are some pictures of the view from R & G's home as well as a few shots of the front of their home.

And that concludes our Friday.  It was a fantastic day and beautiful weather.  More things to come, so stay tuned.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Joanna Jenkins said...

Gosh Tammy, this post was ALMOST as good as being there! So many beautiful photos (despite the construction) and the views-- gorgeous!

I've been to that shopping area in Portland and did my part to contribute to their economy :-)

Have fun!
xo jj

Jennifer said...

What a great time you have had! Your friends' home is lovely and their view is to die for. I'm off to check out the Pittock Mansion now, isn't their garden gorgeous!

Candace said...

Wow - what a gorgeous place, Tammy! That flower is Monarda, or Bee Balm as it is commonly called. I'm so glad you had a great time!