Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Last Friday I had a toothache, that progressively got worse over the weekend.  Strangely enough Madison was having trouble with a tooth she cracked as a pup and so on Saturday we took her to the vet and she was put on antibiotics for a red and inflamed gum area.  This morning she is at the vet and may have to have that tooth pulled.  Meanwhile on Monday I went to the dentist and found out that my tooth that had abscessed when I was 17 and has had 2 root canals done to it was abscessed again.  The root was split and I was a mess.  So later that day the dentist pulled my tooth, or should I say dug it out piece by piece.  Thank goodness for pain pills cuz it still hurts from all they had to do.  But the tooth is gone so the pain should be gone once it heals a bit more.

I had originally planned to post about our Tuesday in Portland on Monday - all the great plans I had went out the window.  I had also planned to do some house cleaning, but that is still waiting for me as well.

So back to Tuesday in Portland.  I started my morning off by meeting a blogging friend at Fabric Depot.  Carline and I have met through my blog and I have really enjoyed emailing with her.  She lives with her hubby in the Vancouver, WA are - over the bridge from Portland, OR.  And like me she loves Fabric Depot and they were having a 30% off all fabric and notions, etc.  I love a good sale.  So she and I shared a cart and shopped for fabric and talked.  I ended up getting fabric to make hexies and more fabric for my civil war fabric collection that I have a pattern all picked out for.

Lario by 3 Sisters for Moda - I'm going to make hexies out of this.

More for my civil war fabric collection
Carline and I had such a good time we continued our fun at a Starbucks where we chatted for a couple of hours and what a pleasure it was.  I love my blogging friends so much and it was so wonderful to get to meet Carline in person.  Her son lives here in the Tri-Cities so maybe I'll see her over here one day.  I know for sure when I go to the Portland area I will be looking her up so we can get together.

After Carline and I went out separate ways I met up with my friend Robyn and did some mall shopping and coffee drinking and talking of course.  Her daughter Tori has a summer job at Nordstroms so we took Tori to a late lunch and did pre-anniversary sale shopping at Nordies too.

One thing I found at the mall was a Teavana shop.  I have always wanted to try their teas and I liked them all, so I bought some tea while at the mall.

I didn't get back to the 5th wheel till around 7 that evening.  It didn't seem like I'd been gone all day and into the evening.  The day went so fast and was so much fun.

Today I get my hair trimmed.  I'm still letting it grow, but right now it's at a stage where I'd like to cut it all off again.  Wonder what will happen at the beauty parlor today.

Haven't stitched a thing or really done much of anything.  What have you been up to??

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Jennifer said...

Oh, what pretty fabrics......especially the bottom one on the Civil War pile! And what a fun day you had with Carline. New fabric will make you feel better, but I'm not sure what we can do for Maddie, she's probably not into fabric.

Jackie said...

I'm not a tea person but I have friends who are. Teavana is a favorite place for them to acquire tea. I think you'll be happy with your purchases.

So sorry to hear about your toothache and Maddie's. I hope you both are well on the way to recovery!