Monday, August 26, 2013

Honor Flights

While in Spokane we attended an Honor Flight picnic.  The kids are really involved in the Honor Flights and both have accompanied WWII Veterans back to Wash DC on a flight.  Our Grandson has participated in fund raisers as well and hopes to accompany a Vet when he is old enough. 

The Mission of Honor Flights is as follows:

Inland Northwest Honor Flight's mission is to transport Inland Northwest war veterans to Washington D.C. to visit those memorials dedicated to honor their service and sacrifices.

Support for these trips is provided by volunteers and is at no cost to the veterans. Top priority is given to our most senior heroes - survivors of WWII and any veteran with a terminal illness who wishes to visit their memorial. The program will naturally transition to the Korean War, Vietnam War and all other veterans who served, on a chronological basis.

Trips are simply not possible without public support. Prior to Honor Flight Network, many veterans had given up all hope of ever seeing the World War II Memorial. Now they have hope, but time is not on our side. The time to act is now! We truly believe that the service of our WWII vets and their sacrifices saved the world from oppression and tyranny and this is our very small way of saying, “Thank you.”

To learn more about Honor Flights in the Inland Northwest, you can go to their website - HERE.

The picnic was a lot of fun and they had great music from that era playing.  The event was catered by the Longhorn BBQ company in Spokane and lets just say the food was fantastic.  The best part was seeing and listening to the veterans.  Many of these men are in their late 80's and early 90's and truly you can learn a lot from their generation.

One of the vets has a fully restored military jeep from that era that he trailers to events and drives in parades, so I got some pictures of that to share:

Inside the jeep were some helmets that were used during the war.  I couldn't believe how heavy they were.  One of the ladies standing there with me told me her father recently passed away at 92.  He told her that he used his helmet to clean his false teeth and to soak his feet each night.  She said till the day he died he had the softest and nicest feet.  It was sweet to hear her talk about her dad and his stories.

CR's father was in WWII, but he would never talk about his experience in the war, many of the men of that era didn't talk about it.

Recently in the news an 88 year old WWII vet was beaten to death in Spokane by 2 teenagers.  It is appalling to me that anyone would do this to another human being.  I've wondered if he had an opportunity to go on an honor flight.  It's such a sad story.  I just don't understand how humans can treat others so cruelly.

Vets deserve respect for all they have done to keep us free and the sacrifices they make.  Please do something for the Vets in your area, they've done so much for us.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Jennifer said...

What a wonderful idea......our vets are looked after too, although not with that program. My father fought in WWII but never ever spoke about it.

Candace said...

A wonderful event, indeed, Tammy! We both have vets in both our families from several different conflicts as well as Mr. Squash himself. A very worthwhile foundation!

Lady of the Cloth said...

Oh how I wish my dad could have gone on an Honor flight. He had a presidential metal of honor that we had never seen and only discovered after he passed away. He seldom ever talked about his service in WW11.
I think that some of the things they experienced were just so painful that they shut down and never mentioned it after the war. What a wonderful program this is.