Friday, August 30, 2013

Meanwhile, Betty Bladder is in a Bad Mood

Yep, I've named my bladder.  My friends and I joke about Betty and her bad moods and attitude.  Boy is she in a foul mood today.  Usually I have chemo in the morning, but yesterday I couldn't get an appointment till 2pm, which was sort of nice in that we met the daughter and grandson for lunch and had a great time before Betty got moody.

Ben our Grandson is going to be 11 in October and he is about to enter the 5th grade.  He's growing up so quickly.  This is the first year he's not excited about school, oy vey, before you know it he'll be a teenager and not being excited about school will be the least of our worries, haha.  Actually he's a good kid, has good manners and he really is a joy to be around.  I give a lot of credit to his parents, he's an only child but does not act like one, thank goodness!!

So anyhow, back to Betty, she's giving me a lot of grief this time, so I'm knitting - I told CR I was knitting angry because I was hurting and frustrated, haha.  So that my time isn't a total loss, knitting dishcloths doesn't take much attention or concentration, so I've been going to town on them!!

Here is my latest:

As I mentioned the last time I posted I've been working on making a cat hammock for the shelter that my Aunties volunteer at.  I made it 16 inches square, well it's a tad smaller because of seam allowance, but close enough.

I found the Sherpa fleece and fabric at JoAnn's.  Luckily I had a 60% off coupon that I used on the fleece as it's 11.00 a yard, and as luck would have it the cute fabric was 40% off.  So I got 4 yards of each - can't pass up a good sale you know.  I'm going to send her this one so she can try it out at the shelter and see if it's big enough, to big, etc.   I found a great website with ideas and pictures on cat hammocks if you're interested.  And it shows the hammocks hanging in shelter cages so you get an idea of how they work.

Our friend Ken called after he got home from his fishing trip.  He went with some friends of his to fish for King Salmon.  He came home with 2 - 20 pound salmons and has invited us over Saturday evening for a yummy salmon dinner.  He also asked if I needed any veggies from the garden, I told him I'd love some tomatoes - look what he brought me:

Lord I love fresh tomatoes, the flavor the freshness.  It may look like a lot of tomatoes, but trust me they won't go to waste!! 

I was in the mood to do something in the kitchen so I made CR some butter dip biscuits.  Lord these are sinful. 

My stomach is thankfully feeling good at this point.  But I have a bad headache and I'm so tired I just don't have the energy to do much.  I have done some laundry.  I went outside to see what CR was up to, but the heat and the sun really got to me so I came back inside.  Tomorrow should be a better day, until then I'll just chill out and be lazy and perhaps do some more knitting.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Jennifer said...

Oh my, I just googled "butter dip biscuits".....might have to make these! Those tomatoes look good, and such interesting varieties. Hope Betty stops giving you trouble soon and behaves herself!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Those tomatoes look delicious. Nothing better than homegrown ones too. Yum.

Hope Betty is on the mend. Love that you named her :-)

xo jj