Sunday, August 25, 2013

Our Boys

When we are on vacation I often will get cute pictures of the kids - aka the animals.  For whatever reason I didn't take one picture of Maddie this trip which is really unusual.  But I did get quite a few pictures of the boys - Chanceman and Scotchie, so I thought I'd share their cuteness with y'all.

Chanceman getting some sunshine
We don't know why, but Scotchie has to lay down by the water bowl to get a drink
He often times will end up falling asleep and getting his chin and chest wet as his head drops into the bowl.

Nothing better than playing with or chewing on shoe strings

Cat Grass - the boys love it, go crazy for it so CR keeps 3 pots of it growing at all times.

Scotchie keeping a look out - no one better sneak up on them eating salad

Chanceman's turn to keep the look out
This was taken this morning.  Chanceman was on the table next to CR's computer and all of a
sudden a squirrel caught his attention.  I love how you can see his whiskers and such!!
I got fresh off the tree apples - early apples - Gala's at farmers market yesterday as well as cantaloupe, peppers, berries, and green beans.  I love when apples hit the market, but it also makes me sad as the market is only open till October and a lot of the delicious fruits and vegies will be phasing out as fall takes over.  For a few more weeks we will enjoy all the delicious bounty we can get.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Jackie said...

It looks like everyone travels well! I've never heard of Cat Grass - is it like catnip?

I need to find a farmers market around here. They have a small on in a parking lot nearby on Thursdays for a couple of hours but I keep forgetting to go by. There isn't anything better than veggies picked the same day you buy them!

Candace said...

Oh, they look like they have a lot of fun traveling, Tammy! It also looks like you have a little fenced in "yard" for them to roam around in!
We have several orchards around here that keep selling after the Farmer's market ends - you have to come our way!

Jennifer said...

What lovely pics of your kitties! Looks as though they are certainly enjoying their grass.

Judy said...

What great photos of your feline friends! I agree with you, the fresh fruit/produce are wonderful right now.