Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Things to do While Going Through Chemo

Last Thursday was my first chemo in the series of 3 I'll get this go around.  It's always hard to find stuff to do because there is such a fatigue that accompanies the chemo and it's hard to focus.  The first couple of days are the worst as I feel sick and I just don't have the energy or feel good enough to do anything or go anywhere.  Sometimes it's longer, but this go around was 2 bad days followed by tired days but days I could accomplish something.  So what did I do, well I knitted some dishcloths and watched programs I'd DVR'd while on vacation.

Saturday afternoon I decided to get out and go to a local quilt/fabric shop that also sells high end sewing machines.  They've been bought by new people who are slowly getting rid of the current fabric inventory and bringing in newer stuff.  So I went to the sale, some of the fabric was 3 dollars a yard and much of it was 40% off of fabric priced at 8.99 a yard.  It's older fabric, but good stuff - mostly Moda, some other good brands as well.  I intended to just look, but look what I came home with...............

So much for behaving myself, right.  Then I ventured up to JoAnns to see what kind of fall decorations they had and found these cute little scarecrow people for my flower buckets as you come onto our deck to the door.

My Auntie does a lot of work for a local shelter where she lives and she sent me a box earlier in the week.  One of the things in the box was a cat hammock for a cage.  She wanted me to see if I could make them for the kitties (I guess the kitties absolutely love these hammocks).  So I went to JoAnn's yesterday and found some Sherpa fleece, luckily I had a 60% off coupon as it's 11 dollars a yard and then I founds some adorable cat material for 40% off.

I'm still tweaking the pattern I drew - working out the kinks.  I'm hoping to have something to show you later on in the week, Chemo is on Thursday so if I don't get far enough along then perhaps by the weekend.  It's a fun project and if it brings a shelter animal comfort I am all for helping out.  And hey, Aunt Jean doesn't ever ask much of me so I'm delighted to help!!

A couple of nights ago we had a heck of a storm roll through, thunder and lightening, followed by buckets of rain and huge winds (60mph at the airport).  Scared my cats to death as it seemed to be right over the house.  We don't often get storms like that so it was kind of fun to watch the lightening - from the safety of the house that is.  I'm a big chicken about going outside when there is lightening.

So what have you been up to this week, anything exciting??

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


JanetL said...

Glad you had something to help pass the time, dishcloth knitting is good for that. We had the same storm pass through here (North Central Idaho) but amazingly I slept through it.

Jennifer said...

What a lovely lot of fabric, and your dishcloths will be very handy. Isn't that cat fabric fun! I would love to see the finished hammock.

Jackie said...

I had to go google image search "cat in a hammock". Who knew?! It sounds like you have a couple of perfect projects for the next couple of weeks. Almost done girl!

Candace said...

I bet you feel better just knowing you can be a bit productive, Tammy! I think it's good for the soul. Is it Janeen's that you went to? Love the idea of a cat hammock. Can't wait to see it. Gracie May might need one!