Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Where to Begin.....

We are back from vacation - in fact we arrived home on the 19th.  We left the 3rd of August for the Twisp/Winthrop, WA area to do some fly fishing and from there headed to Spokane for my cancer check up and then home.  I love to go on vacation, but for some reason this trip just seemed so long and I was so happy to get home.  I think the heat played a part in it.  Seems like the days were hot and the nights were too and the heat just got to be a drag.  We went out fishing several times while we were gone and we had good luck despite the river not fishing well before we got there.  Both of us caught some really nice rainbow and cutthroat trout.  None of which I have a pictures of.  Never fear though - I did take some pictures.  Just some pictures of the area on the river, hope you enjoy.

Scotchie LOVES shoestrings and our fishing boots have long strings!!

Come on Dad, I wanta play - keep em moving!!
A family of deer cross the river in front of us

Just passing through!!

From the back of the boat looking forward - I love this picture!!
The bridge at Carlton

The waters of the Methow River are so clear

Done for the day - that's CR and our friend and Guide - Rod

CR untangling something

CR Fishing

I thought these two trees and their exposed roots on the river bank were cool

River Views

River Views

and more River Views.
 It was so hot we just did half day floats and we were glad to keep it short and get out of the heat.  I did a lot of reading at the 5th wheel while we were there.  It's so nice to have a kindle with tons of books on it for reading.  I think I read 9 books on vacation.  I also took along a hexie project, but didn't get very far on it, I was on a reading kick.

This morning when I woke up I could feel a bit of fall and a smell of fall in the air, I love fall, I think it's my favorite season.  Warm days and cool evenings, leaves turning, mums, apples.  I'm ready for the heat to be done - remind me of that this winter when I'm complaining of being cold, haha!!

As you know by my last post I am tumor free so tomorrow I start the 1st of my 3 weekly chemo treatments.  I'll post more on the trip when I feel better in a few days.

So what have you been up to while I've been away??  Go anywhere, read any good books, do any quilting??

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Jennifer said...

Love those pics of your trip! My goodness, fall in the air seems so early. A couple of days ago I smelled spring in the air for the first time so the seasons are definitely starting their annual changes.

Candace said...

Take CR out and insert Mr. Squash! They could be two peas in a pod! Playing with fishing boot laces is a must for our kitties, too! Oh - and when Mr. Squash cleans the lines and reels - watch out! Looks like you had a wonderful time, Tammy! I'm sooooo envious! I think we need to go out with your friend for sure. Good look in your treatment - I know you'll be a trooper!