Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Autumn - My Favorite Season

It's finally very fall like around here.  The weather has cooled off - a bit to fast, but a nice break from what seemed like the constant heat this summer.

I've been busy cleaning, dusting, weeding through junk around the house, washing quilts, table toppers, table runners, doilies, and then pressing them and with the exception of doing the floors, which I'll tackle tomorrow, my house is in order and it feels good.  After a long hot summer and being gone most of August and then chemo, the house just felt like a big old mess.

I'm having a Miche Purse Party this Thursday, so that helped get me in gear to do some major cleaning and sorting, etc.  I don't think many people are showing up.  Don't you hate when someone says - please have a party and my sisters and daughters want to come and then when you finally hear from them a few days before the party - oh, we're going out of town.  I sent the invites over 2 weeks ago.  Arrrggghhh.  This is why I don't do parties, guess I had to do one to remind myself why I don't do them.  Oh well, at least 5 people are coming and it will be fun.  I'm fixing these little pizza cup appetizers and having wine or iced tea and then a yummy lemon pound cake for the sweet tooth.

Today I decided, since it's close to October and it feels like fall, time to put a few fall decorations out.  So I'm going to share pictures from around the house and patio.  Enjoy.


So tell me, do you put a few fall/Halloween decorations out to enjoy, or do you skip it.  I don't do it every year, and then when I do put my fall stuff out, I truly enjoy it.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Jennifer said...

I love your fall decorations, they are great fun! Even Scotchie gets into the act with his pumpkin colouring. That was something we really enjoyed on our trip to Canada last fall....so many houses and buildings decorated for fall.

Sweet Tea said...

Fall has definitely come to your house and it looks so pretty and cozy!! I've put out a few Fall things, and now you've inspired me to put out a few more...I know what you mean about getting "your house in order" - it feels so good when it's all done, doesn't it?! Have fun at your party!!

Judy said...

I love your decorations! I didn't put mine out last year and now I'm motivated to dig mine out. Especially the pumpkin quilts. Thanks for the push that I needed ;-) Enjoy your party, it sounds like a fun time.

Lady of the Cloth said...

Oh, I wish I lived closer. I have never been to a Miche party and would love to come. I have been after my DH to get the fall decorations down from the attic for a few weeks or so. I will double my efforts this weekend. Fall is my favorite season as well.

Jackie said...

Your fall decorations are beautiful! I especially love the scarecrows in the planters. You've been super busy cleaning. It always feels good when its done but not so much in progress.

Joanna Jenkins said...

I don't do parties for that very reason-- Everyone always flakes on me!

Love the Halloween decorations. I was at the fabric store today and one of the staff was making the cutest darn Halloween spiderweb quilt out of one of their Halloween Fat Quarter bundles. Too cute and very tempting! I might be making on to add to my hideously large Halloween collection of decorations! I love that holiday.

xo jj