Friday, September 6, 2013

Greetings From My Recliner

Yesterday was my last chemo until Feb 2014. That's why I'm slouched on my recliner hoping that tomorrow will be a better day. The last one is kicking my butt and Betty Bladder is in a horrible mood. She gets that way given that the chemo destroys the lining of my bladder. So today I will just try not to complain to much and rest. I've got things cut out and ready in my sewing room and will get busy as soon as I feel up to it. 

We had some wild weather last night with thunder and lightening and rain and wind. I was glad we were home from Spokane well before it hit. Mother Nature sure did put on a show. 

Happy stitches and hugs


Jennifer said...

Tammy, just take it easy and listen to Betty.....she will let you know when she is ready for you to resume normal duties!

Sweet Tea said...

Glad you are FREE all the way to Feb. I know how much you love to be busy, so sitting around has got to be difficult for you. Hope you are on your feet and feeling GOOD very soon, til then rest and get your strength back. ((HUGS))

Judy said...

Take care of yourself. Here's hoping that you'll feel better soon.