Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What a Day

Scotchie Here.

Mom has been working away and learning her new sewing machine.  I like to be in her sewing room with her so I took to the chair for a nap, all that learning was really exhausting.  I figured I better be quiet, so I hid my head and pretended not to be there.  Mom thinks I'm to cute.

I had a really good nap and I like how quiet her new machine is.  Well it's time to grab a bit to eat, between naps I like to keep my blood sugar steady.

Meows and Purrs,


Jennifer said...

Scotchie, I think you are way too cute too!

Candace said...

You mom's new machine is gorgeous, Scotchie! It's awfully nice of you to keep her company while she get's it all figured out!