Saturday, October 19, 2013

2 Numbers, 1 Birthday

Today is my 3rd Birthday and my 53rd Birthday.  You see I started counting birthdays all over again when I found out I had cancer.  I've survived 3 years with it and I'm beating it too!!  So today I celebrate being 53 and being a survivor for 3 years and both make me happy.  It's not easy getting older, things start to hurt and not work like they used to, but you really come into a peace and acceptance with yourself that you don't have when you are young.  I think I've learned to appreciate the little things more and celebrate the little joys in life.  I would like time to quite flying by so quickly with each passing year, but being around to have it fly by is okay with me as I wouldn't enjoy the alternative.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Chris@Cats On My Quilts said...

Happy birthdays! I turned 60 this past August and I love it.

Jackie said...

Happy 3rd and Happy 53rd birthday! I certainly wish you many many more!

Jennifer said...

Well said, Tammy! You have a great attitude, my friend, and I wish you many more birthdays (both large and small) to come.

Lady of the Cloth said...

Happy birthday, Tammy. I hope it was a good one. I have one coming up next month and since I have been on the Eat for Life diet, I feel 20 years younger so don't mind too much.

Keep celebrating both birthdays

Lynn said...

Happy TWO birthdays to you!