Saturday, October 12, 2013

Feeling Funky

This has been one of those weeks.  I got what I think was a flu/stomach bug and had a few rough days.  It started out with a sore throat and aches and congestion.  The stomach part is over, but that sore throat won't go away - it's at that "will it" or "won't it" turn into a cold stage and I wish it would make up it's mind so I can either treat it or not.  You know that feeling, right?

So not much was done in the sewing room this week.  I did manage to clean out my fridge and freezer.  It was time to chuck some stuff and wipe it down and although I felt like crap and it made me sweat buckets, I was glad to have it done and it's nice to have the inside sparkle when I open it.

Thursday afternoon I ventured out with CR in hopes of finding him some new shoes.  He wears mostly New Balance, but I wanted him to check out REI.  As luck would have it we found him a great pair of water proof Keens for this winter, 20% off and a pair of slippers for me.

Here are my slippers - okay so I have big feet, try not to laugh.

They are really comfy and warm.  I also ventured over to Hobby Lobby to get the supplies for an idea I had to stick in Ben's Birthday Bag.  Since his birthday was October 7th, we mailed him a card and a gift card to iTunes.  But we also got him a new bathrobe (he told his Mom he wanted one).  So along with the bathrobe I wanted to put some candy in his bag - have you ever had fruit runts??  They are sour and so good and I love the banana ones best.  So I got a jar, got some chalkboard labels and a chalk pen. 

And this is the end result.  I think he'll get a kick out of it and he can use a wet paper towel to wipe the label clean and use chalk to write something new.

Friday was still an iffy day, but we needed a couple things at Costco, so we tackled that in the afternoon.  We had lunch there and got our shopping done and picked up a yummy roasted chicken for dinner tonight.  I have a recipe for chicken and dumplings that I'll make with the leftover chicken.  We also got a couple chuck roasts so we could try out a roast recipe using balsamic vinegar - it sounds good, I sure hope it is good!!  Oh yeah, we both got our flu shots, everyone I know is getting sick and I didn't want to get anymore germs without a flu shot on board!!

So today, because Cliff was so good to take care of things while I was miserable during the week, I baked him an Amish Vanilla Pie:

This is the pie we tried last Saturday at the Mennonite Country auction.  It sure looks good, however we haven't cut into it yet, so I guess it could go either way.  You can find the recipe at

I'm putting together a pumpkin wall hanging that I purchased the pattern for while at the Walla Walla quilt show.  Candace of Squash House Quilts sent me her extra twisty tool.  It's made with 2 1/2 inch squares and then the tool cuts it into 1 or 1.5 inch squares - I may go blind or crazy working with squares that small.  It should be cute when it's done.

So what are you baking or sewing on this weekend.  Has it turned cold in your neck of the woods??  Our fall feels more like early winter, it's sure chilly in the mornings.  The leaves are turning quick and it's nice to see all the color.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Jennifer said...

You've been busy, and I love the new slippers! Can you send some fall my way? Must check out that recipe too, it looks really good.

Jackie said...

You always accomplish so much - even when you're feeling a little sick! Love you slippers, they look very comfy. Slippers always seem to make feet look big.

Right now our humidity is low and you don't sweat by the time you walk to the car. It's 6 am here and only 67. I'll take it!