Monday, October 28, 2013

Lion Taming

We just got home from a wonderful trip to Spokane to visit the kids and attend the Fall Festival at Ben's school.  This year's costume was a Lion Tamer/Ring Master and we thought he was adorable.

You can't see it but he has his whip in his belt loops so he didn't lose it.  What we weren't prepared for was all those kids.  My goodness it was overwhelming to have that many kids running, talking excitedly and on a sugar high.  CR's hip was bothering him and so we had to leave a bit early.  The school is on 2 floors and when you have hip pain, stairs are the enemy.  We've tried him on a few weeks of anti-inflammatories but they're not doing anything so it's time to try a cortisone shot in the hip and see if that will get him relief.

The rest of the weekend was spent leisurely hanging out with the kids at their house and enjoying catching up. 

This morning it was time for CR's 6 month Urologist check up and Lupron shot.  Unfortunately we didn't get the best news about his PSA and the Lupron alone is not dealing with the cancer, so we are going to try a oral med taken daily and he did get another shot.  We are hopeful that it will work for him, if not then we have to go down a more severe route to control things that will have more side effects.  So if you wouldn't mind saying a little prayer, we would be most appreciative.  Between the two of us, just when it starts looking up for one of us the others cancer ramps up.  I'd say we are due for a break and yet there are many who have it much worse than we do.  Thankfully we have good doctors, and loving family and friends who care and support us.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Lady of the Cloth said...

Oh! Tammy. You don't deserve more bad news. I will certainly pray for him. (And you) Carline

Judy said...

Ben looks adorable-that grin says so much! I'm so sorry about the cancer and all that you're going through. I'll be praying for you both.

Jackie said...

Ben is precious!

I'm very hopeful that this combo is going to be the end of it. Keeping you both in my thoughts!