Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pesky Ears

I woke up around midnight last night, or is that this morning?  Anyhow I woke up with bad ear pain which told me it was time to get to the doc in the box - that's what I like to call the urgent care clinic's.  I was pretty sure I had an ear infection for the pesky cold that isn't sure if it wants to be a full blown cold and is just hanging around making me mildly miserable.  Sure enough - ear infection and now 10 days of antibiotics.  Last year I got something similar when I was visiting my Aunties and ended up with an ear infection in one ear and benign positional vertigo in the other ear.  I've now had BPV twice and do not want it again.

I mailed Twister Jack to my Auntie today and after that went to the place I purchased my sewing machine to ask what was the best way to clean up the bobbin area.  My old machine you could take it apart and clean it up and put it back together again, but not so with my new machine.  So they recommended this micro kit to attach to my vacuum and suck out the lint, etc. 

After that I went to the Urgent care clinic and got the wax washed out of my infected ear and the prescription for the antibiotic.  Then headed home.
Scotchie had a 3pm Vet appointment to get his yearly check up and rabies shot.  He was not amused.  First, there was that damn thermometer (can you say eye bulge), then the indignity of the scale (someone went from 15.9 pounds to 17 pounds, oops), then the shot (ouch).  He was a very good boy through it all and was very happy to get home.
He's been playing with a sack the last few days, it's so smashed that at this point he's just laying on it.
ChanceMan was very grateful it wasn't his turn (it will be in January - but don't tell him).  He was being a cute kitty trying to get me to pet his belly.
Both of our boys love belly and ear rubs.
I forgot to show you all the Barn Quilt that finally arrived the other day.  Candace and Bob (Squash House Quilts) posted about getting a barn quilt this summer and showed a picture of it on their fence.  I showed it to CR who thought it was really cool and so we checked out the ETSY site and finally decided which one we wanted.  Now we are still contemplating where we are going to hang it.  We've narrowed it down to 2 possible locations and I'll show you a picture of it in place when we have made the final decision, but for now - here it is:
It's just leaning against the buffet at the moment.  It's 2 foot by 2 foot and about a quarter inch thick.  They suggest drilling a hole in each corner and using stainless steel screws to mount it.  We think it's so beautiful and are thrilled with our selection.  If you'd like to see all the beautiful barn quilts they make just go to
I've seen a few barns with quilt blocks painted on them and always thought they were so cool, so now I have my own, minus the barn, CR says he won't build me one, oh well!!
No sewing today, I've just been to busy to get to anything.  Tomorrow we have a lunch to go to, then Friday CR is taking me out since Saturday is my Birthday.  I'll be 53, and grateful to be having a birthday since 3 years ago they found my cancer.
Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Jennifer said...

Hope you feel better soon.......being sick is not good! Our cats like large paper sacks too, for lying on and for jumping on. Must be a cat thing!

Candace said...

Who wouldn't want to rub that gorgeous belly ;>) Glad Scotchie was a trooper - and it sounds like you were as well! I love your barn quilt! We used small screws in each corner and it worked out perfectly! Have a very happy birthday, Tammy!