Monday, October 14, 2013

Sore Fingertips

You may recall yesterday I posted a picture of a buttload of 2.5 inch squares all sewn together with a border around it:

The above is what it looked like before.  Using a very small twister template (1 inch) and a tiny rotary cutter, I deconstructed what was sewn together and I ended up with this:

Twister Jack is an insane amount of 1 inch blocks sewn together to make this adorable 14 inch by 15 inch wall hanging.  And all that cutting with the tiny template and tiny rotary cutter and a slip here and there has a few of my fingertips a tad raw and tender this evening.  That said it was fun to do and I will NEVER do another one this small every again.  I may throw out that tiny rotary cutter as I HATE that stupid thing - just sayin.

Last year, on October 14, I posted a picture of this cute door hanging - I saw them all over the place in North Carolina when I was visiting my Aunties and my Aunt Jean and I just loved it:

It turned out to be just to big for my house as there just wasn't enough room between the door and the screen door and with the winds we get, it wasn't a good plan to hang it outside.  So I gave it to my friend Cathy.  I wanted to send it to my Aunt, but it would have taken a huge box and cost a fortune to mail.

Well Twister Jack was made especially for my Auntie Jean.  I just have to quilt it and bind it and get it in the mail to her.  I sure hope she likes it - she reads my blog so the secret is out.  Since I can mail Twister Jack easily and cheaply, it seems like a good, if not better alternative.

Meanwhile, my poor fingertips - just sayin.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Jackie said...

While I love Twister Jack - I like the original Jack too. He's kind of pixelated.

Candace said... sorry about your fingertips, Tammy, but the quilt is just too darned adorable!!!

Lady of the Cloth said...

That turned out so cute. I want one, but not the tiny one. I am glad you did a test run for others so I don't have to learn by trial. LOL I like the other one too, is it filmy fabric?